Trials of Mana – How to Make Best Resolution (or Native)

This guide of Trials of Mana is basically to make an echo of a way for everyone to be able to play the game on your native resolution since Trials of Mana won’t let you choose another one besides 720p and 1080p.

How to Make Best Resolution (or Native)?


Basically, what we will do to fix our resolution is to use the Special K mod that will easily let us do so. So, I just want to say that all credits go to the creator of the mod and I’m just making echo of how to properly use it since it can be a bit confusing for most people.

Step 1: Downloading Special K

We’ll basically need two different components to be able to install the mod properly:

  • First we are going to need the SKIM64.exe which is basically the mod injector. This .exe helps us inject the mod into the game. This guide will make you basically inject in globally.
  • Then, we are going to need the actual mod which is a .rar file with a bunch of files and folders.

Let’s start by downloading the mod first and then going for the .exe.

So, to download the mod –> Go to: Mod (Thanks Kaldaien for providing a way to fix games, you are awesome!)

Where you can easily see the red circle that marks the download button. You’ll basically download a roughly 60MB .rar file.

Next, we are going to download the SKIM64.exe file.

To be able to do this, go to: EXE file. And simply download the .exe file.

Step 2: Preparing to install the mod

We are going to divide this section in several steps:

  • First, we are going to create a folder in your Document directory. ( You know, YOURDRIVE\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Documents\).
  • Then, we are going to create a folder in that very directory called “My Mods” and inside it another one called “Special K”.
  • Then, we are going to extract the contents of the .rar file we downloaded previously into that very folder (YOURDRIVE\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Documents\My Mods\Special K)
  • And finally, after extracting the mod into the desirable folder, we are going to copy/paste or simply move the .exe file along with the other files and run it. Let me show you how it should look:
Step 3: Installing the mod

Now, we are going to run the .exe file that we placed inside the extracted mod and we’ll see the next window.

Simply press “Install” now and this will follow:

Which is basically the program downloading the necessary files to work.

Then, you should get the following window:

Press “Yes” since we are ready to install the injector completely.

Finally, after the downloading and the installation, you should have this window (If everything went fine):

Just click on “Finish Install” and we are good!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Since this is a way to install the mod globally (That means that it can affect ALL games applicable), I recommend to set the program TO NOT start with Windows as follows:

This is because you could want to play a multiplayer/online game and if Special K is running in the background of your PC, you could get the Anti-cheat to flag you for having a third-party program running in the background. So, uncheck that.

How do we know we have Special K running in the background?

Check your taskbar!

Final note: These images were taken from Aemony’s unofficial guide to install Special K for any game.

If you are running into troubles or need more detail to work this out, check out his guide. All credits to him and Kaldaien!

Step 4: Fixing up Trials of Mana

Now, if you did everything right and you have the injector running at the background of your PC, whenever you run the game you will be saluted by the initial Trials of Mana loading screen but you’ll also see a window/pop up at the top of your screen which is easily noticeable as the mod working.

Now, for safety wait until you are at the very main menu of the game and press: Ctrl + Shift + Backspace to make the mod’s window pop up:

Finally, you can see where it says “Override Resolution”? You just simply click on it and let the mod apply your native resolution (Which the mod will recognize from the very beginning) and you are all set.

Note: I’m not sure if this works for ultrawide resolutions since I play on 768p and this should work for others that play in 900p and probably 1440p. Let me hear your results and let’s work this out together.

By Mr. Kek

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  1. Funcionou certinho, obrigado a todos que ajudaram a compartilhar esse mod. (It worked, thanks to everyone who helped to share this mod… Sorry for the bad english – I speak the brazilian language)

  2. You speak Portuguese, you don’t speak Brazilian language, FFS at least be aware of your own language. Also it is not working for me for some reason. Sad, I really would like to play on native.

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