Trials of Mana – End Game Method

This guide will show you end game method for End Game Method.

End Game Method

Defeat all 7 of the Benevodons, then view the text below.

After you have defeated the 7 Benevodons, you head out to find the Darkstone. Depending on which story you are in, your quest will have you progress deeper into a unique area; this will either be:

  • Crystal Desert (Duran/Angela)
  • Jungle of Illusion (Kevin/Charlotte)
  • Cave of Darkness (Hawkeye/Riesz, not sure if the name is accurate in the remake).


There is usually a Golden Goddess Statue at the end of the area with a boss fight, feel free to enter but I like to fight it after I’ve changed my class just for enjoyment’s sake. Scour the entire area, as there tend to be 1-2 special monsters who instead drops the ultra-rare Rainbow Seed as well, but the vast majority of monsters in these specific areas drop the ??? Seeds quite regularly (or as regularly as RNG can get). Get about 6 of the ??? seeds (or 10 if you wish), go to an Inn and grow them and hope for the item you want

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