Trials of Mana – Duran Guide (Class, Light, Character)

Duran guide of Trials of Mana on classes, light, dark, character, etc.

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Duran Guide

Basic Information

These guides will include the Class names used in the remake on top of the original names included with the Translation Correction fan-patch.

Class Changing benefits

  • Locked Abilities: When changing your class you gain access to class-specific abilities that are always activated and do not take up an Ability slot; forgoing the necessity of equipping it. These persist to the next class you change to afterward as an added bonus, on top of the newly gained one from the next class.
  • New Class Strike: Each new class comes with its own Class Strike, some are intentionally left weaker than the rest but tend to be fun.
  • Attack Combo: While straight forward, you gain a welcome bonus of a new combo to use for Class 2 and 3.
  • CS gauge: increases to 300% and 400%, respectively
  • 2 Ability slots added.
  • (Obviously) New abilities to learn.
  • stat increase to your base stats depending on the class you pick.

Do not be confused when you see the class change window and it tells you that your character is gaining 10+ Attack+Strength or the related stats. You do not gain a total bonus of +20 in “damage”, Attack is equal to the Strength you have so you are gaining 10 Attack from having 10 in Strength.

  • ATK = STR + Weapon Attack
  • DEF = STM + Equipment Defense
  • MGC ATK = INT + Weapon Magic Attack
  • MGC DEF = SPRT + Equipment Magical Defense

Moves and Their Types

Everything that your character can learn that costs some form of MP to cast is called a MOVE, but a lot of the equipable Abilities sometimes have specific wordings on them that might not be obvious at first to what they might increase. Most would refer to all of these as Spells but for now they will be aggregated to their simplest description of function, i.e spell/healing, etc.


Duran is a sturdy character, he has the second-highest Strength of the cast, his base Stamina and Health are the highest and this is noticeable for each time he levels up. In the traditional sense you could call him a tank since his Base class Luck abilities come with Provoke, which makes it more likely that enemies will be hitting him.

Once you move on to class changing, Duran gains auxiliary abilities in both Light and Dark which supplement his already sturdy and hard-hitting nature. As a bonus; Duran and his Light classes have a fifth item slot, and are the only ones that can wear a Shield which adds additional stats respectively.

Duran (alongside Charlotte and Kevin) can provide party-wide Healing in his Light Class 3: Liege.

Class Strike:

  • Cross Cut: A basic attack that covers quite a lot area on either side of Duran when used, you can even hit some enemies behind him.

Attack Combo:

  • 1st: A fast wide frontal slash that knocks enemies back on hit.
  • 2nd: A wide-area slash that covers a lot of ground.

Class 2: Light


Having come to the conclusion that the way of the sword is a means by which to protect others, the Knight builds on this resolve in body and mind. His skill and prowess with a sword increase as he fights, and he learns the value of shields to blunt blows, but he comes to find a light within himself, born of compassion and duty, that can sustain himself and others in times of need.

PrerequisiteLevel 18, visit any Mana Stone.

Knight’s initial stat-bonus on class change emphasizes Duran’s toughness, this is on top of him being able to wear a shield. This class gains a supportive spell in Duran’s arsenal: Heal Light.

While putting points into Duran’s Spirit, it is recommended you supplement your healing ability using Poto Oils bought from the Black Market since they are based on the current user’s Spirit. Though it is entirely up to you if you wish to do so. You should pick up Recovery II to supplement your healing even further.

Compared to his Dark counterpart, he has a lot of defensive options in his ability choices while Luck provides him with Critical Smash: encouraging an offensive crit-based playstyle which provides additional party support on top of his healing ability. Even if his Locked Ability is of questionable value, you can’t go wrong with this class if you want a well-rounded character.

Locked Ability:

  • Bear It: Defense increased by 10% for 10 sec. at start of battle.

Class Strike:

  • Triple Slash: Two slashes in a row followed by a thrust, damaging enemies.

Class 3: Light-Light


When mortals wish to frighten each other, they tell stories of demons and ghouls. When demons want to scare each other, they tell stories of Paladins. Unrelenting, unshakable, and unstoppable, a Paladin leads his allies with a sword burning with holy light, dealing devastating blows to all who share allegiance with the underworld and healing his allies before death can take them. His skill with a blade is such that he has learned the “Flashing Sword” technique, a skill that strikes foes far and near with incredible force, meaning there is no safe distance to engage the Paladin.

PrerequisiteLevel 38, Item: Knight Tag, visit the special Mana Goddess Statue in the Sanctuary of Mana.

Paladin’s initial stats & abilities emphasize a healthy balance between power and toughness, in every sense it is a natural evolution of the Knight. Meanwhile Attack Help II is a dangerously powerful ability, it increases your Attack by 30% if you are kept at or below 30% health at all times and can reward you heavily if you intend to stay below that threshold, though it is highly risky.

Holy Saber is generally considered the strongest of the Saber spells; due to the endgame having a lot more of Dark based enemies. Guard focuses Duran’s ability to tank by allowing him to absorb some of the damage the party receives while the Locked Ability is an alright bonus and will mostly help you in the areas where said enemy types with those spells exist.

It is still recommended that you bring supplementary Poto Oils as this class should you need it. Do use the Poto Oils with the party member that has the highest Spirit however should you want to focus on other areas.

Locked Ability:

  • Protective Light: Decreases Light/Dark elemental damage by 10%.

Class Strike:

  • Glint Slash: A blast of holy light energy from the blade causes damage to enemies in the area of attack.

Class 3: Light-Dark

Liege / Lord

Many swordsmen come to a terrible conclusion after years and years of battles- no amount of skill with a blade can ever make it heal injuries. A father to his soldiers, the Liege forgoes the direct attacking power of other swordsmanship paths to expand his knowledge of healing magic, learning to heal himself and allies all at once, as well as removing poisons, illnesses, and other foul ailments. Those who mistake this focus for weakness do so at their own peril- a Liege and his allies are a force that all too often simply will not lay down and die.

PrerequisiteLevel 38, Item: Prince Tag, visit the special Mana Goddess Statue in the Sanctuary of Mana.

The class that makes Duran a capably dedicated healer due to the presence of a party-wide Healing Light, Liege also comes with a marked increase in Strength but with a lower Stamina rating compared to the Paladin. An all-around fantastic class that even comes with the “Boost All” abilities to further the power of your team.

The Locked Ability is great and complements his ability to heal since the chance is individual per target, and with a multi-targeting Healing Light it gets activated more often that one would think; do not use your healing with the intention that it will trigger that ability, however, but for those moments where you need to really heal it might just clutch it for you.

Liege is the go-to class to use should your party not have any dedicated healers if you have the need of one, you also get Twinkle Rain as a little complimentary bonus. Just the Boost All abilities should be an incentive enough to pick this class as your support. The transition from Knight using Healing Light and/or Poto Oils confidently moves itself to this class without any problems at all. Additionally, his outfit is the one that resembles his fathers and King Richard’s Golden Knights the most.

Locked Ability:

  • Sanctum: 20% chance of increasing Healing magic’s effectivness by 100% in battle.

Class Strike:

  • Magic Rend: a damaging slash at a magically bound enemy.

Class 4: Final Light

Divine Hero / Savior

Official Description: One of the topmost Fighter classes. Divine Heroes have the defense of a Paladin and healing of a Liege.

PrerequisiteComplete the Game, any of the two Class 3 Dark classes, progress the post-game content, get Valor Sphere, visit the special Mana Goddess Statue in the Sanctuary of Mana.

Locked Ability:

  • Super Healing: Heal beyond max HP when receiving recovery effect exceeding it (up to 30%) in battle

Class Strike:

  • Radiant Rend: Speedy, successive slashes deal massive damage to a magically bound enemy

Class 2: Dark


Seeking to find meaning in the fight, the Gladiator undertakes a journey of seeing struggle and competition underlying within all things in the everyday world. Even into honor and trust, the class ekes out the need to justify their efforts through coming out on top or with satisfying results brought about through proof through tests and testaments of action. To these ends, so has the Gladiator sought the powers of enchanting magic to bestow themselves with power of many varieties, and with a higher aptitude of strength than the Knight.

PrerequisiteLevel 18, visit any Mana Stone.

As with most Dark classes they tend to hit hard and hit even harder as the game goes on. The loss of being able to equip a shield is minimal and Duran still has the highest Stamina and Health growth out of the entire cast. Even if his initial bonus gives him negative 1 Stamina, it won’t be too noticeable as long as he dodges and still has the highest growth in that area.

What the class does come with however are the 4 elemental Saber magics as mentioned in its description, which absolutely will be a huge bonus for the bosses who are weak to them. There are 8 elements in the game, and you can only cover the 4 mentioned, but fret not! the other 4 elements have partial weaknesses to either of the Fire/Water/Earth/Wind Elements. Throw them on yourself and your allies and enjoy the flashy beat down.

The Locked Ability is quite a strong one to have, more so if you are the controlling character of Duran to make use of its power. While he might not be as defensible as the Knight, he still brings a form of party support with the Saber spells and his high damage will keep on growing the more you invest in his damage capabilities once you more towards Class 3.

Locked Ability:

  • Indomitable: Attack increased by 10% for 10 sec. at start of battle.

Class Strike:

  • Spin Slash: Enemies in the area of attack get caught up in a huge whirlwind

Attack Combo:

Class 3: Dark-Dark


The meaning of the fight having eluded them long ago, the Duelist seeks but only one thing: Victory. With all matters of honor and code cast to the wayside, for the Duelist, the fight is nothing more but a means to achieve that; a frequent occurrence as but a process and pastime of violent frequency to attain its rewards, graces, and glory at any cost necessary. Walking the narrow and dangerous path of mortal combat with the reaper never far, easily lost in even the most savage instances of carnage and brutality, able to face the most harrowing of battles, and enter storm like tension without a wince, so have Duelists gained a reputation of being fighters of a dark strength steeled from their world of deathly competition and merciless domination, where only the victorious may thrive in their world of kill or be killed, and weakness is only rewarded with death.

PrerequisiteLevel 38, Item: Duelist Tag, visit the special Mana Goddess Statue in the Sanctuary of Mana.

Locked Ability:

  • Adrenaline Rush: Attack increases after defeating an enemy

Class Strike:

  • Quakebringer: Blade stabbed into the earth shoots energy at enemies in the area of attack

Class 3: Dark-Light

Edelfrei / Swordmaster

Long lived and weathered in a world of battle, the Edelfrei is a class of experience and wisdom through the heat and heart of the fight. Knowing the boundaries of life and death with familiarity, so does the Edelfrei precariously walk in and out of its realm frequently through their edification long done many times before, and does so without fear. Drawing upon lessons and teachings from these experiences, so has the Edelfrei tempered their body and mind to become a lone warrior with their own principles, with sword, body, and soul able to act as one with the world as if their being has transformed into forces of nature beyond what can be struck down, and walks onwards to see the next day after the carnage of the day before. Rumors tell of warriors from a realm far from Fa’Diel saw their philosophies and virtues passed into the world long ago, and those who had grown beyond their days as Gladiators saw their destiny encounter their ways into Edelfreis.

PrerequisiteLevel 38, Item: Battler Tag, visit the special Mana Goddess Statue in the Sanctuary of Mana.

Locked Ability:

  • Mastery: Weapon efficiency increased by 15%

Class Strike:

  • Hollow Slash: A surging power causes damage from the blade as it’s wielded

Class 4: Final Dark

Berserker / Berserk

Official Description: One of the topmost Fighter classes. Berserkers have the attack power of a Duelist and strength of an Edelfrei. They can take out an enemy with strength and diverse attacks.

PrerequisiteComplete the Game, any of the two Class 3 Dark classes, progress the post-game content, get Valor Sphere, visit the special Mana Goddess Statue in the Sanctuary of Mana.

Yes, the name reference from the Japanese side was intentional.

Locked Ability:

  • Frenzy: Attack and defense increased by 2% when normal attack hits (up to 30%)

Class Strike:

  • Hellion Fury: Fighting Spirit surrounds enemy and deals massive damage

Additional Information

In order to gain access to Class 3 you will need to be level 38 and above while having a corresponding item in order to unlock it. The items needed are called ??? Seed and tend to drop around the time you’re about to reach your character’s final story-related dungeon. You need to visit the special Goddess Statue in the Sanctuary of Mana afterward.

(These can drop from chests as well but VERY rarely, I personally at most had 2 until I reached the part where I could farm then.)

One issue with this flawed design is that it is entirely possible to complete the entire game and the final dungeon of your characters’ story without ever getting to enjoy Class 3. I personally recommend you spend the time needed to farm these seeds when possible.

You will most likely be excited to get to your Class 3 ASAP once you reach level 38, right? when you’ve reached this level you will already be in the part of the story where this spoiler won’t matter, so hover over the spoiler text once you reach level 38:
(This tip is to get the most enjoyment out of the time you can efficiently unlock your class, because the worst thing that can happen is only getting to fight 1-3 bosses without getting to enjoy your new flashy class fully.)

View this first after reaching level 38: Defeat all 7 of the Benevodons, then view the text below.

Next: After you have defeated the 7 Benevodons, you head out to find the Darkstone. Depending on which story you are in, your quest will have you progress deeper into a unique area; this will either be:

Crystal Desert (Duran/Angela)
Jungle of Illusion (Kevin/Charlotte)
Cave of Darkness (Hawkeye/Riesz, not sure if the name is accurate in the remake).

TIP: There is usually a Golden Goddess Statue at the end of the area with a boss fight, feel free to enter but I like to fight it after I’ve changed my class just for enjoyment’s sake. Scour the entire area, as there tends to be 1-2 special monsters who instead drops the ultra-rare Rainbow Seed as well, but the vast majority of monsters in these specific areas drop the ??? Seeds quite regularly (or as regularly as RNG can get). Get about 6 of the ??? seeds (or 10 if you wish), go to an Inn and grow them and hope for the item you want.

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