Trials of Mana – 6 Seed Locations

A guide on seed locations of Trials of Mana.

6 Seed Locations

Forest of Wonder: 1st chest in 2nd screen

Sub-zero Snowfield: Chest on high platform hugging on the ledge of right wall, jump down a level and climb back up the platforms.

Gemstone Valley: Very deep into the cave, 2nd last chest almost at the very end, tucked away behind some poison gas.

Moonchart Tower: Top floor room before boss.

Fiery Gorge: Half way in past the cactus 4th chest, on your left a series of platforms guarded by 6 or 7 ring of fire butt holes.

Temple of light, directly opposite of the first save statue where she looks, but you have to practically cover all the puzzles and loop around the western end. It’s tucked to the side of a ledge and is a bit hard to see. When u pick this up you should be looking at the save statue from above.

by ryu600RR

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