Train Station Renovation – Ending and Chapter 7 Walkthrough (All Tasks)

A walkthrough on ending and chapter 7 (all tasks) in Train Station Renovation.

Chapter 7 Walkthrough


  • clean up the garbage
  • equip the station
  • repair the locomotive and turntable
  • put the locomotive in the hangar

Another night mission. Use the scanner (Q) to highlight objects. This time there will not be a lot of garbage, but there is a lot of work with tracks and wagons. 

Remove everything at the station and on all platforms, place the necessary objects. On the tracks, it is necessary to repair the rails and sleepers.

At the locomotive, repair the wheelsets, the couch and the suspension. Then go to the station building and go upstairs to the control room. There is a telephone, use it. The locomotive moves to the turntable. Using the key, repair the circle control panel (you must first open the flap). During the rotation of the circle, it is better to get off it, because your character will stand still and will be constantly demolished relative to the platform. 

Then open the doors of the hangar and finish part of the task with the locomotive. There are different cars around the turntable.

Ending Walkthrough


  • pump out water from the underpass
  • remove garbage
  • equip the station and platforms

A flood happened at this station, the level is small and quite simple. Take the pump in the car, install it at the underpass, then connect two hoses in it, which also lie in the car and start. 

After the water is pumped out, remove the pump and go down to the transition. In the transition, paint the walls and remove the garbage. On the platforms and the station building, do the same. A lot of garbage lies on the fetters, it is also necessary to remove the algae from the platform (part of the algae will hang on the edges of the platform). 

Then remove the garbage in the elevated passage. In the end, it will remain to repair the rails. There are no specific tasks at this level.

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