Townscaper – Controls Guide

A guide on controls in Townscaper.

Controls Guide

Right Click for panning camera in relation to camera feels weird, RMB should move camera linearly in relation to X/Y of the grid (RMB Up should be forwarding the map as you move and hold, not awkwardly moving camera slightly up or snapping across whole map)

Similarly left click to rotate the camera is awkward most of the time. It seems the game loves to place objects when you rotate the camera, switching LMB for Middle Click would be a much better choice instead of MMB being the same action as RMB.

Also, keyboard shortcuts would be lovely. 1-0 is a good idea for the colour palette, but there are more than 10 colors. I’d suggest 1 + 2 or 1 + 3 or some similar combo as “Prev Colour” + “Next Colour”

My next ideas would be panning with WSAD, quick/snap rotate (by 45°) with Q + E and “standard” shortcuts such as Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, Ctrl+N, Ctrl+O for Save To/From Clipboard, New and Open options respectively.

Seconding the right click panning being very awkward. The pan seems to want to take the height of your town into account but begins to mess up when you then want to work on the bottom layers again. I’ve had to whip the camera around until it snaps, then very slowly move it into position, or place a few blocks out to expand the grid so you can zoom further in. Now that my first series of islands is reaching the max grid size, the camera is becoming nearly unusable.

I also second the inclusion of a Second Life-style camera control – in Second Life you hold down Alt, which anchors the center of your pan/zoom exactly where your mouse cursor is. that way, you could anchor to the ocean or to the top of your tallest tower!

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