Total War: Warhammer III – How to Unlock Secret Legendary Lords

A guide on how to unlock secret legendary lords in Total War: Warhammer III.

How to Unlock Secret Legendary Lords

A to-the-point guide to unlock Boris Ursin and Be’lakor. The guide will be updated if/when other unlockable lords are added in the future.

Boris Ursin (Kislev)

As a Kislev faction, you will need to control simultaneously the three settlements of Kislev, Praag and Erengrad for ten continuous turns.

This will trigger a Quest Battle set a short distance north of Praag (you will be able to teleport your faction leader to the location). Winning this battle will unlock the achievement The Battle for Bokha and offer you two options:

  • Have him join your faction as an extra Legendary Lord.
  • Create a new military allied faction led by Boris Ursin: the Ursun Revivalists. You will need to grant them either Kislev, Praag or Erengrad as their starting region. You can confederate them later.

His skill tree includes a unique bear mount, Urskin, and a unique skill, Resettler, which grants two factionwide bonuses: +10 growth and a reduction of ruin colonisation cost to zero.

Other interesting skills grant passive bonuses to War Bears Riders, Element Bears and Tzar Guards.

His traits are displayed below.

Faction effects

  • Diplomatic relations: +30 with the faction of * The Ice Court
  • Construction cost: -50% for Garrison and Religion buildings
  • Construction time: -1 for Province Capital/Settlement buildings Recruit rank: +2 for War Bear Riders units

Lord effects

  • Upkeep: -50% for War Bear Riders units (Lord’s army)
  • Leadership: +7 when fighting against Warriors of Chaos, Daemons of Chaos and Norsca (Lord’s army)
  • Melee attack: +9 when fighting against Warriors of Chaos, Daemons of Chaos and Norsca (Lord’s army)

Be’lakor (Daemons of Chaos)

Be’lakor can be unlocked by playing with any faction and completing the final quest battle of the grand campaign: the Forge of Souls.

He then will join your faction as a level 20 Legendary Lord. In addition, he’ll be available to lead armies of Daemons of Chaos in quick battles and multiplayer custom battles.

by Saint Scylla

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