tModLoader (Terraria 1.3) – Best Mods (Recommendations)

This guide will show you the best mods (recommendations) for tModLoader (Terraria 1.4).

Best Mods (Recommendations)

Note: Please, read this guide (How to Install Tmodloader into Terraria 1.4?) before reading the following post.

Content Mods

Mods that add new bosses, items, biomes, and classes into the game. Do not combine large content mods.


  • 11 new bosses.
  • New enemies.
  • 2000 new items.
  • New biome (Aquatic Depths).
  • New armor.
  • 2 new classes (Healer and Bard).
  • Upgraded thrower class.
  • New armor, weapons, accessories.
  • New buffs.


  • Post moonlord content.
  • New gamemodes (Revengeance, Death).
  • 23 new bosses.
  • 12 new mini bosses.
  • New enemies.
  • New NPCS (Sea King, Bandit, Drunk Princess, Archmage).
  • NPCs like Dryad add in buyable boss summons.
  • 6 new biomes.
  • Leveling mechanic.
  • New armor, weapons, accessories.
  • New ore.
  • New Buffs & potions.

Terraria Overhaul (Overhauls the game’s mechanics)

  • Critical Strike Rework.
  • New Weapon elemental theme (Demonic, Fire, Water).
  • Durability to weapons.
  • New Buffs & new Buff overhaul.
  • Enemy.
  • Seasons (spring, summer, fall, winter).
  • Player movement (Rolls, Wall jumping, ledge climbing).
  • Lightning Strikes.
  • Temperature addon.
  • Balance Changes.
  • New items.

Joost Mod

  • 445 new items.
  • 14 new armor sets.
  • 28 placeable things.
  • 11 new prefixes.
  • 14 new enemies.
  • 9 new minibosses.
  • 4 new bosses.
  • 2 new town npcs.

Shadows of Abaddon

  • 800 new items.
  • 11 bosses.
  • 2 new biomes (Empress Den, Flame Razed Forest).
  • New ores.
  • New armor, accessories, weapons, and ammo.
  • New mounts.
  • New buffs.

Quality of Life Mods

Mods that improve the already existing gameplay of Terraria, generally making progression faster

Recipe Browser

  • Adds a Recipe Browser in the game that allows you to input a “material” for the item you want to make or allows you to search up the item you want to make. You can also search all the items of a certain mod.


  • Allows you to mine a whole vein ore or a selected block in a list.
  • This mod has keybinds: Controls>Keybindings>Veinmine.
  • You can add / remove items to a “whitelist” that can be vinemined.
  • Controls>Keybindings>Add Tile/Remove Tile.
  • You can change the radius of the “veinmine” in the mod config.

Plentiful Ores

  • Mod makes it so that the following ores are generated at a 2.5x multiplier rate of what they’re originally generated. (Makes Pre-Hardmode faster).
  • Iron/Lead.
  • Gold/Platinum.
  • Diamond/Ruby/Sapphire/Topaz/Emerald.

Luiafk Mod

  • This mod adds in over 1250 new recipes/items to the game, most of them include:
  • Unlimited Buff Potions (not compatible with other mods (Clear your inventory space while not having to press hotkey for buffs).
  • Unlimited Ropes / Torches.
  • Unlimited Class specific items (Unlimited Mana Potions, Unlimited Flasks, Unlimited Ammo, Placeables like the crystal ball/Ammo box).
  • Skybridge makers, Hellbridge makers, Arena makers.
  • NPC Prison.
  • This mod has a keybind to access the buff UI. Controls>Keybindings>Luiafk UI.

ImkSushi’s Mod

  • Adds in “Loot Tokens” that allows you to craft items from specific points from the game (I.e preboss loot token).
  • Adds in new NPC Trades (Dryad, Goblin, Arms Dealer, Wizard, Pirate Captain, Steampunker, Cyborg).

Magic Storage

  • Allows you to craft a “Storage Interface” that you also craft items with.
  • Storage Interface.
  • Storage Heart.
  • Storage Units.

Note: Basically the ME System of Minecraft but Terraria.


  • Makes the game more consistent adding auto-attack (where you can hold down your left mouse button to attack) to nearly every weapon in the game.

Research System for 1.4 (Only use this 1.3.5)

  • Adds Improved 1.4 Researching.
  • May Lag if you have so many items.

AlchemistNPC / AlchemistNPC Lite Mode (Lite only contains NPCs, Charms, Potions, NPCs)

  • Adds a lot of items/weapons/accessories.
  • Adds 9 NPCS.
  • Important NPCs.
  • Alchemist (Buy Recall, Mana Potions, Teleportation Potions, Summon Potions).
  • Tinkerer (Allows you to buy accessories from using tubes which you get by killing bosses).
  • Architect (Buy building blocks/ furniture).
  • Young Brewer (Buy combination potions/Flasks).
  • Operator (Buy materials / treasure bags from a special type of coin).

Auto Reforge

  • Makes Reforging easier.

UI / Display Mods

Mods that either overhaul Terraria’s immersion or visually upgrades the game.


  • Adds in a Ammo Display.
  • Adds in a Buff Display.
  • Adds in a Flight Time Bar.
  • Adds in a Heal Display.
  • Adds in a Health bar.
  • Adds in a Invincibility time Bar.
  • Adds Mana Ammo Display Bar.
  • Minion Display.


  • Adds in many customizable healthbars for your player, also adds customizable enemy healthbars.
  • Plays music whenever you are a percentage of your health.

Weapon Out

  • More weapons.
  • Allows you to see the weapons that you are currently holding but not using on your character.

Yet Another Boss Health Bar

  • Adds a boss healthbar on the bottom of your screen when you are fighting a boss.

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