The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe – How to “Getting The Test Achievement”

A guide on how to “Getting The Test Achievement” in The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe.

How to “Getting The Test Achievement”

A brief to-do list specifying the most likely criteria which unlock the TEST achievement. This guide contains very vague spoilers.

Introduction and Disclaimer

Hi, and thanks for reading my guide. I’ve been playing Stanley ever since the original Half-Life 2 mod came out. I’ve just finished Ultra Deluxe and wanted to help new players access the TEST achievement. However, since everything is very much new and undocumented, consider this guide an ongoing work in progress.

The main challenge is simply the fact that the developers were much more successful at locking the game content up this me. As a seasoned user of the Source engine, I was familiar with the tips & tricks one can use for 2013 Stanley to access and dig into the game files. I’m not as familiar with Unity so I have no technical insight into what variables trigger which behaviours; this is simply based on my own observations.

If you find out anything that I haven’t added or specified in this guide, please leave a comment.

Finally, this guide contains highly vague allusions to the game’s story and content. Since I’ve written these to be highly vague, and since you’re reading this to understand how to get the achievement, I have not marked them with spoiler tags for the reader’s benefit and ease of use. As such if you’re sensitive to spoilers you should not read this walkthrough.


  • You must have progressed to a point where the first “New Content” room opens before the two-door hall (this requires between 2 and 3 rounds of the game).
  • You must have progressed to the expo hall in the “New New Content” room and acquired the bucket and Stanley figurine (this will cause the menu screen to change to “Stanley Parable 2”).
  • You must have acquired all of the Stanley figurines, and then progressed through the special Stanley figurine map.
  • You should now see a new menu option saying “Epilogue” (acquiring all 6 figures appears to unlock the epilogue). Click “Epilogue”.
  • Unconfirmed: you may have to have restarted the game client several times, in order to interact with the Author concerning the clocks, sliders and the human perception of time.
  • You must agree to the Author’s proposal regarding the game’s menu screen.
  • You must then begin another run of the game. You will initially return to “New Content” and will have to sit through a whole round.
  • After this, the “New Content” door will be permanently open with a poster in the hallway with directions towards the expo hall (the neon sign will no longer be there, so don’t worry).
  • Return to the achievement chamber inside the expo hall, and pull the lever.
  • You now have the achievement.


  • Once you have the bucket, and if you pick it up, the majority of endings are altered by its presence and will be highly different. Two notable examples: the infamous escape pod ending does something if you bring the bucket to it, and this will also affect the Epilogue; and the red-blue door ending leading to the games ending will result in a totally different ending if you bring the bucket.
  • The menu is affected by your use of the cat and dog slider.

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