The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe – All Endings Guide

This shows all endings guide for The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe.

All Endings Guide

Every ending I discover, and how to get said ending.

Every ending I discover, and how to get said ending.

Vanilla Endings

Endings that where already in 2013 version, but now with new screenshots.

  1. Freedom Ending

Follow the story that the narrator tells to a tea. Press OFF button here.

And then step trough the massive doors.

  1. Welcome to heaven Stanley

For this you’ll have to go to specific computers in the game. Click on them and then restart the game. Click enough computer’s and the last pc will be 427’s pc. These are the places and pc’s you should be clicking.

First 2 pc’s are at the second office

restart and at the same place

Next is at the entrance to the Boss’s office

The next one is at the first office, right outside Stanley’s room

The last one is the Stanley’s pc itself. Click and enjoy the result.

  1. Confusion Ending

To get this ending, you have to choose the right side door at the door choice.

Go trough the Maintenance and step into the small elevator that exists in the Maintenance Room. Enjoy.

  1. Very Powerful Ending
  2. Escape Pod Ending
  3. Insane Stanley
  4. Self-Driven Story Ending

Warning: This is different than 2013 version.

  1. White Room Ending
  2. Coward Ending

You just

Close the Door

  1. Nuclear Detonation Ending
  2. Meta Ending
  3. Broken Story Ending

New (Bucket) Endings

Self explanatory. New endings added with this version of the game.

  1. Nostalgia Skip Ending
  2. Try The New Stanley Parable
  3. At The Bottom Of The Mind Control Room
  4. Bucket Mind Control Room Floor
  5. Facility Wants The Bucket
  6. Bucket Escape Pod
  7. No Bucket? Dead!
  8. Bucket Destroyer Ending
  9. Rolemodel
  10. Die With The Bucket
  11. Everything’s a Bucket

Extra Endings

Smaller Endings that in my opinion are half an ending. It exists, but it doesn’t restart the game after you discover it.

  1. Broom Closet Ending
  2. Whiteboard Ending

Easter Eggs

Easter eggs and how to discover those

  1. Disco Mind Control Room
  2. Barking Mode

by Arburo

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