The Slormancer – Key Skill Masteries Guide (Arcane Missile, Breach)

This is key skill masteries guide (arcane missile, breach) for The Slormancer.

Key Skill Masteries

In bold are key masteries. You must spec them for this build to feel good.

  • <T> for Time-Lock.
  • <A> for Arcane Tempo.

There are really 2 ways of playing this.

  • Time-Lock (Stun) with damage proliferation


  • Arcane Tempo with stacking projectiles for single target with Phalanx.

Time-Lock stacks damage to be instant after the stun effect wears off. You have 40% increased crit chance on time locked targets inside Arcane breach.

Arcane Tempo projectile stacking with Phalanx focuses down bosses with immediate ramping burst damage. This is best when you already have a high crit chance from gear.

Arcane Missile

  • M1: Incomplete Missile (-35% Cooldown Time)
  • M2: Conflux (Additional Damage = 10% of Maximum Mana)
  • M3: <T> Remnant Copycat (fires a Remnant behind the first shot)
  • M4: <T> Remnant Lock (Applies Time-Lock aka Stun for 3 seconds)
  • M5: <T> Not So Lost (Time-Lock damage proliferates to other non-“stunned” enemies.)
  • M3: <A> Arcane Tempo (+1 Projectile every cast, up to 3. then resets)
  • M4: <A> Arcane Phalanx (Focus Fire)
  • M5: <A> No Spec. Arcane Sovereign doesn’t feel nice at all.

Arcane Breach

  • M1: Reap What you Sow (10% Mana and 23 Mana Regen PER enemy in area of effect)
  • M2: Multi-Breaches (-50% Cooldown Time, 500% Mana cost since we use always use arcanic)
  • M3: <T> Almighty Remains (40% Crit Chance on Remnant shots)
  • M4: <T> Any of the other 3 NOT “On Arcane Ground”
  • M5: <T> Gravitational Force (Vaal Cyclone. Sucks everything in for Arcane Explosion.)
  • M3: <A> Arcane Flux (+1% Attack Speed per tick of Arcane Breach on mobs)
  • M4: <A> Any of the other 3 NOT “On Arcane Ground”
  • M5: <A> Gravitational Force

It is really hard to take screenshots of how the mana bar expands whenever you cast Arcane Breach, but it should be 2x or 3x your current mana pool cap depending on how many mobs are in effect.

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