The Political Machine 2020 – Tips and Tricks (How to Win)

This guide helps you on how to win (useful tips and tricks) in The Political Machine 2020.

How to Win?


The color of the state indicates how voters are leaning. If you’re a Democrat, you’ll want to see more blue. If you’re Republican, you’ll want to see states turn the rod.

Brıght Red Vs. Brıght Blue

Bright BLUE or RED indicates a state that a candidate is very likely to win.

Raise your AWARENESS and ISSUE RATINGS in a state to ensure victory!


Select your candidate…

…then right-click on a state to move there.

Now take action in that state…


Give a Speech to give a quick boost to your Enthusiasm.

Note: Talk is cheap but takes lots of stamina.


Build Headquarters in states you want to win!

Upgrade Your Headquarters to get…

  • Extra Cash Brought in every Week
  • Bigger Enthusiasm bonuses
  • Free Operative at Level 31


“Raise Fund” gives you lots of votes.


Ads are expensive, but boost your issue ratings over time.


Town Halls promote your Political Ideology.

Battleground States

Fight it out, or ignore the state. Always use resources that were most effective!

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