The Planet Crafter – How to Fix Corrupted Save File

A guide on how to fix corrupted save file in The Planet Crafter.

Retrieve The Hidden Backup File

What’s Happening?

Sometimes, It can happen that a save file gets corrupted.

If the computer crash while saving, or the power goes down at a bad moment, a save file can get corrupted and completely lost.

To avoid the loss of all your save file, there is a second, hidden backup file on your system.

How to Use the Backup File

Do not launch another game or load another save file

Go in this directory: “C:\Users\{YOUR-NAME}\AppData\LocalLow\MijuGames\Planet Crafter\”

Find the file Backup.json

Copy and paste it in the same folder

Rename it (example: “Survival-Restore.json”)

After that, relaunch the game, and you should see the save file in the list.

More Information

After you have checked the new save file is working, you can remove the old corrupted save file from the save folder.

This Backup file is created every 15 minutes when you play the game.

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