The Outlast Trials – Tips and Tricks: Expert Strategies

Discover a collection of expert tips and tricks to dominate The Outlast Trials. Enhance your gameplay, navigate the challenges, and outsmart your enemies with these invaluable strategies. Level up your skills and conquer the game like a pro.

The Outlast Trials – Useful Tips and Tricks

A bunch of tips I gathered while playing the game

Tips and Tricks

1. Psychosis Advantage

When in psychosis, all Ex-Pops and the Prime Asset will ignore you, leaving only the Skinner Man as a threat. Use this opportunity to explore the map or complete objectives without being attacked.

2. Crawl to Escape

If you’re downed and the exit is open, crawl towards it. This counts as an escape and allows you to revive yourself.

3. Destroying Traps

You can destroy psychosis mines, electric traps, and duck bombs using bricks and glass bottles. Bricks can be used three times, while bottles can be used once.

4. Darkness Is Your Ally

Enemies cannot see you in the dark. You can enable the darkness indicator in your settings to determine if you’re effectively hiding in the darkness.

5. Night-Vision Goggle Enemy

An enemy equipped with night-vision goggles can spot you in the dark. If you’re being chased by this enemy, run to a brightly lit area to stun him temporarily. While he’s stunned, use the opportunity to escape. The darkness indicator also informs you if you’re in a bright place.

6. Co-op Doors

Even if players are on opposite sides of a co-op door, it can still be broken into.

7. Utilize Throw-able Items

Throwing items at sleeping enemies or screamers will make them run away.

8. Sprinting with Objects

You can sprint while pushing objects. Using Adrenaline will increase your speed while pushing these objects. Adrenaline can also aid in transporting heavy items.

9. Glass Shard Attraction

Stepping on glass shards will attract enemies. Consider purchasing the slippers amp as soon as possible to avoid this.

10. Avoid Noise Traps

Activating noise traps, such as hanging cans, will negatively impact your score. Try to avoid them whenever feasible.

11. Sprint Jump while Exhausted

You can perform a sprint jump even when exhausted. This technique can be utilized to dodge attacks.

12. Teamwork for Faster Progress

The more people involved in lifting a rolling door, the faster it will open.

13. Dealing with the Giant Metal-Covered Enemy

The giant enemy covered in metal is blind but possesses exceptional hearing and speed. Be cautious around him and use the noise indicator in the settings to gauge your noise level. Lure him away by throwing bricks and glass bottles if necessary.

14. Noise Indicator and Enemy Awareness

The noise indicator will turn red if an enemy can hear you, indicating a potential threat.

15. Approaching Trapped Doors

Doors with a red light are trapped. Open them slowly by holding the open door button and pressing forward. You can also disarm the trap and acquire a free battery.

16. Utilize Surroundings

Pay attention to your surroundings. Look for maps in Mother Gooseberry’s trials to determine your location. Follow the pipes from the main room to identify the correct path.

17. Identifying the Pouncer

The Pouncer enemy will peek out before attacking. Use the X-Ray Rig to spot her, and listen for her voice to know when she’s nearby.

18. Gas Trap Awareness

When approaching a container with a gas trap, observe the sides. If you notice a device, quickly jump away and wait for the gas trap to activate.

19. Group Spray Attack

The Pusher, wearing a gas mask, can spray multiple people if they are near the first person he grabs.

20. Silent Navigation

Broken glass and noise traps are often accompanied by a vault-able obstacle nearby. Utilize this to avoid making noise and preserve your score.

21. Crawl to Safety

If you’re downed, try to crawl to a dark room. This allows your teammates to revive you safely.
By implementing these tips and tricks in The Outlast Trials, you’ll enhance your gameplay experience and increase your chances of success.

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