The Outlast Trials – 14 Survival Tips to Brave the Horror

Looking for survival tips and options for The Outlast Trials? Check out these suggestions, including adjusting brightness, turning off the monitor, using nightlights, and more. Prepare yourself for a thrilling and terrifying gaming experience!

The Outlast Trials: Survival Tips and Options

Option 1: Adjust Brightness for Optimal Visibility

Put your brightness all the way up so you can see everything. This will ensure that you don’t miss any important details or clues in the game.

Option 2: Embrace the Darkness

Put your brightness all the way down so you can’t see anything. If you’re up for a truly terrifying experience, challenge yourself by playing in complete darkness and relying solely on your instincts.

Option 3: Turn Off the Monitor

Hit that play button and turn off the monitor. This option is not for the faint of heart. By depriving yourself of visual cues, you’ll immerse yourself deeper into the horrifying atmosphere of The Outlast Trials.

Option 4: Silence is Survival

Turn the volume all the way down and play. I can’t hear them; they can’t hear me. By eliminating the auditory cues, you’ll need to rely on your sight and instincts to navigate through the chilling environment.

Option 5: Light the Way

Bring some nightlights with you if you are playing in the dark. Adding a subtle light source can provide comfort and help alleviate the intensity of the game’s atmosphere while still keeping you on edge.

Option 6: Illuminate Your Surroundings

Turn on every light in your house. Monsters hate light. If you prefer a less heart-pounding experience, brightening your surroundings can provide a sense of security and make the game more manageable.

Option 7: Be Prepared for Panic

Get your blanket and your running shoes on if you need to book it to the bathroom. The Outlast Trials can be an intense and anxiety-inducing experience. Having your essentials nearby will help you cope with any sudden frights.

Option 8: Daytime Adventures Only

If it’s dark outside, don’t even consider hitting that play button. Playing during daylight hours can create a more comfortable environment, ensuring that your nerves aren’t pushed to their limits.

Option 9: Layers of Protection

Get seven layers of underwear on, so if you do, you are prepared. A touch of humor can lighten the mood while also preparing you for unexpected scares. Don’t forget to laugh amidst the terror!

Option 10: Safety First

If you are too scared, have 911 on speed dial before you hit that play button. While The Outlast Trials may be thrilling, your safety should always come first. Be prepared for any overwhelming situations.

Option 11: Drastic Measures

If you think you see a monster, jump out that window and light your house on fire. This option is purely tongue-in-cheek and highlights the exaggerated reactions one might have when deeply immersed in the game’s terrifying world.

Option 12: Soundtrack for Survival

Get some C.A.M.P.F.I.R.E. music or happy music from Spongebob; it will save your life. Having a cheerful or calming soundtrack playing in the background can help counterbalance the tension and provide a sense of relief.

Option 13: Team Up for Sacrifice

If you have some friends, invite them. You can use them as bait, whether it’s

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