THE LONGING – Complete Game Guide (Time, Cheat, Walkthrough, Tips)

This complete game guide helps you on time, cheat, walkthrough (Awakening the King, Investigate the Carving) and useful tips.

Walkthroughs and Tips


Awakening the King

After going up the steps, you will encounter a door. Opening the door will take some time. Enter the door (lots of doors). Try a random door.

Don’t forget to collect wood (for building a bed) and coal on the ground while you are on the road. Remember, this game is not like the games you know. It bears the traces of Eastern philosophy. So patience is very important.

Investigate the Carving

Climb here and wait to open the door (2 hours).

THE LONGING - Complete Game Guide (Time, Cheat, Walkthrough, Tips)


Lots of Doors

The door option is quite a lot in the game. Whichever door you enter, you exit to a different place. This game is a complete-time simulator.

At the end of each door you choose, you encounter a time barrier. For example, you have to wait a long time here (2 weeks). When you come back, you encounter a different time barrier.
Even the trailer is waiting: D

Do not Use Cheat!!!

This is so awful situation for you. If you cheat you will be sentenced “repent” (clicking 400 times) in a dungeon. Even after clicking 400 times, the game turns itself off. Besides, if you close the game and reopen it, you still can not get rid of this click (repent) penalty. The only way is to delete savefile (how to find it).

Time Faster

But there are endings that don’t require the 400 days to pass. Also, time goes by faster if you do certain actions. For example, you can read books in the game, and for each page, you read, you get one bonus minute off the countdown. If you make your life more comfortable with paintings, crystals and so forth, time will go by a bit faster. So theoretically, you can finish it in 100 days or less, if you choose to play more actively.

THE LONGING - Complete Game Guide (Time, Cheat, Walkthrough, Tips)

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