The Longing – Complete Achievement (Mattock, Water, Bed…)

This complete achievement guide will help you on how to obtain them.

Complete Achievement Guide

This guide is my work in progress and will be updated the more I play. Since it is a fairly new game, there aren’t many guides or videos yet, but as I continue I will update this frequently in accordance with whatever I discover. It is my hope this guide will make gameplay easier for newcomers and help those looking to complete their Achievement list.

How to Obtain Them?

1. The Halls of Eternity

Found deep below the tunnels in the lower left corner of the map.

2. Running Water

On the way to the Hall of Eternity you will come across a large boulder. Move it aside and you’ll notice running water. You’ll find a facet in your room now which you can turn on and off.

3. The Map

Toward the northern piece of the map before you get to the mine there will be a map of the full cave that needs to be deciphered. Standing there long enough will make the room shrink down small enough so the camera moves out and lets you see the full cave. Take a screenshot and use it for future use. Once Shade has this quote the achievement will unlock.

4. Disappointing Achievement

You’ll find these all over the place anytime a path is blocked either by a huge gap you can’t jump, wall you can’t climb, or door you can’t unlock. Once you get five the achievement will unlock. Still not sure what having so many will do – if there’s any consequence.

5. Head of a Horse

Found in the Hall of Eternity. The time needed to find it varies. I found it after about two minute of walking, others seem to find it after about an hour.

6. Mattock

There seems to be two, but I’ve only found one so far in the mine below an unstable platform. Stand on the platform a few minutes and listen to ground shake. It will break after a little while.

7. My Favorite Painting

You’ll get this for drawing a little lice of each color you collect on your journey.

(Special thanks to Builder_X for the info)

8. Wah Wah Wah Waaah

This can be unlocked after finding all four pieces of your musical sax and playing a few notes. While I’m still learning the mechanics of playing it, several guides I’ve read state that you have to click on various parts of your cave room to play the notes. I got it after clicking on the wall and the floor.

Update Log

3/7/20 Guide created. Tabs created for

  • 1. The Halls of Eternity
  • 2. Running Water
  • 3. The Map
  • 4. Disappointing Achievement
  • 5. Head of a Horse
  • 6. Mattock

3/8/20 The Overlord added as co-creator. 7. My Favorite Painting and 8. Wah Wah Wah Waah tabs created. (Thanks Builder_X for the info)

9. Bed

Mosses are located in the upper-left cave, woods can be found scattered across the kingdom ( one can be found in the face room, two can be found in the cave underneath the surface)

10. Dream

The fastest way to unlock Dream achievement is to eat some purple mushrooms, eventually you will fall unconscious.

11. Mushroom Gardener

After you plant every possible slot in the mushroom farm with mushrooms, and harvest one of them, you will unlock Mushroom Gardener .

12. Becoming Darkness

You need to wait until the Shade sits, and wait a bit longer. He will start thinking/talking, and you need to choose the answers. Eventually, you will unlock this one.

13. A Face

It is found in the cave you found once the stalactite falls.

14. Home Sweet Home

This one triggered once I started a fire and decorated the house with some paintings.

by Kane & The Overlord

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