The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III – Chapter 1 (%100) Walkthrough

This walkthrough will show all chapter 1 (how to complete %100) in The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III.

Chapter 1 April 15th

After School

When you regain control, a tutorial will pop in to explain about quick travel and updating Character Profiles. By speaking to certain people at the right time, you will learn a little bit of their backstory and Rean will jot down a note about them. By collecting all of the character notes, you will also unlock a trophy.

Anyways explore the campus and speak to the following people;

Aurelia – Branch Principal Room 1F

Altina – Academy Roof

Towa – Main Building 2F, Computer Room

Kurt – Training Hall

Juna , Randolph and Gina. – Cafeteria ( Gina will teach you the Potato Salad Recipe.)

This will also pop in the cooking tutorial. After discovering a recipe, your party can cook four different types of meals depending on the person cooking ability.

After this event, head to Hangar and speak to Tita and Professor Schmidt.

Tita will open the Quartz option for you, this can let you upgrade your ornament unit along with purchasing new quartz. Have Tita synthesize a quartz to proceed.

You can also visit the library to learn about some Erebonian History, some books will also be added to your note collection. Examine the bookshelf near the door to get the Panzer Soldat Almanac and the Crossbell Province Brochure.

When you’re all done, leave the campus for an event.


New Profiles:

– Louise [Page 1] – Dorm, 1st Floor

During night time, you’re supposed to hand over the student notebook to the students of Class VII. However, before doing that, you can visit the bath on the 1st floor for an optional event. Visiting the bath at certain times can trigger an important event along with recovering your CP. You can also speak to Aurelia at the Principal Office (3rd Floor), for an important conversation.

If you speak to Louise on the 1st floor of the Dorm, it will add page 1 to her Profile.

Now hand the notebooks to the following students.

Juna, Kurt – Second Floor

Altina – Cafeteria.

Then return to your room to end the day.

Chapter 1 – April 16th (Morning)

Today will be your first free day. During these days you can control Rean to complete side quests and interact with the town.

The game will also provide a tutorial about Bonding Events.

List of Key Events

Start the day by visiting each of the shops. They will provide you a tutorial and other collectibles.

Book Store – Rachel will give you the Heartless Edgar series, Chapter 1.

Clothing Store – Speak to the owner for an event.

Diner “Barney” – Eat the onion ring dish to learn the recipe.

Leeves Chapel – Speak to the Priest.

General Store – Rod will give you a fishing rod and some fishing bait.

After visiting these locations, an event will proceed and you will meet a delivery worker. Rean will help him and will start a side quest. The side quest is pointed out with a green exclamation mark on the map.

Quest: Package Delivery

Once you have accepted the side quest, visit the following locations:

– Exchange Shop “Neinvall”

– Radio Station “Radio Trista”

– School Garden, Sandy

Then report back to the courier to complete the request.

Quest: The Spice Must Flow

This is another side quest you can pick up within this time. First head to the Academy Cafeteria. Speak to Gina and accept the quest.

Then speak to the following people:

– Barneys – Pub/Inn “Barneys”

– Old Man Rod – General Store

After you have spoken to those two, bring the spice to Gina to complete the quest.

After this event, move to the Leeve’s Chapel for an event. As you leave, Rean will notice a kid dropping his card. Head to the Bookstore, and speak to the kids. They will introduce you to a mini-game.

Vantage Master is the official card mini-game for Cold Steel 3. The rule of the game is simply to defeat the opponent’s master card. Defeating the opponent’s master card is much tougher than it sounds, as your opponent can summon cards that will protect its master or use them to attack yours. Using the diagram above, you can see the card’s status. Cards can be placed anywhere and can only move and attack once per turn. Each card requires Mana to summon, so make sure you have chosen the correct card. When you have used up your Mana, you can pass your turn by pressing Triangle.

With each passing turn, you will gain additional Mana, allowing you to bring out stronger cards. Cards also contain an element type that can give you an advantage versus the correct element. The chart as follows: Earth>Water>Fire>Sky>Earth.

Winning against your opponent will usually give you a new card for Vantage Master. You can even rearrange your deck for later battles. To challenge someone at Vantage Master, press the R2 button when speaking to people (Only when the option appears).

Defeating Opponents in Vantage Master will give you a new Vantage Master Card. If you have collected every card by defeating all opponents in Vantage Master, you can challenge the final opponent for the Chevalier Master Quartz later in the game.

Note: There is an opponent later in the game that requires winning to get Bonus AP. If you don’t want to miss any AP, it is recommended that you put some time into Vantage Master and learn how to play it.

There is also a fishing spot on the northeast side of town. If you have visited the general store from earlier, you should have the fishing rod with you.

Now before you head to the next story destination, there are still some side activities to finish such as Bond Events. If you attend Musse’s Bonding Event, you will also get page 1 to her profile. Read the checklist below, and collect all the available missable.

List of Side Activities

Available Bonding Event

Kurt – Bakery Cafe

Altina – Academy Courtyard

Musse – General Store (Adds Musse Page 1 Note)

New Profiles

Juna [Page 1] – Speak to Juna at the Academy Field.

Aurelia [Page 1] – Speak to Aurelia in the Academy Main Building 2F, Art Room.

Musse [Page 1] – Attend Musse’s Bonding Event.

Ash [Page 1] – Speak to Ash in the Academy’s Library

Vantage Master Opponents

Zach – Book Store “Carnegie” (Victory = Magic Crystal Card)

Rachel – Book Store “Carnegie” (Victory = D-Arma Card)


White Silk Kerchief – Purchase from Boutique (Gift for Elise)

Mizu Yokan – Purchase from Nyo-Sui-An Imports (General Store) (Gift for Altina)


Imperial Chronicles, Part 1 Purchase from Gina. (Cafeteria)

The Life of Tomatonio – Part 1 – Residence on the SW Corner. Examine the books on the drawer.

Notes: Gifts for party members must be used from the inventory and will increase their stats permanently.

Optional Event

Enter the Academy’s Bath – Towa’s Affinity+

Receive Fruit Milk from Towa.

When you have completed all the side activities, move to the Tactical Conference Room (Located on Academy 1F) to end Free Time Mode.

Chapter 1 – April 16th (Afternoon)

This Free Time segment will have you guide Millium through Leeves. Before you proceed with the main story, there is a list of side activities you can do.

List of Side Activities

Available Bonding Event

Juna – Ground Field

Towa – Academy 1F

New Profiles

Pablo [Page 1] – Completed Pablo’s side quest “Getting the Band Together”.

Vantage Master Opponents

Sidney – Academy Clubhouse (Victory = Hepetus Card)

Optional Event

Enter the Academy’s Bath – Millium’s Affinity+

You can speak to Munk in the Radio Station.

Quest: Getting the Band Together

This is the first Branch Campus Quest. Branch Campus Quest is basically hidden quest where the starting condition isn’t found in Rean’s notes. The reward is generally a new page to a character’s profile.

Start the side quest by speaking to Pablo at the Academy Roof and accept the side quest from him. Move to Leeve’s Train Station and speak to Valerie. Then report back to Pablo.

Completing this side quest will also add page 1 to Pablo’s Profile.

After you have finished the task listed above, move to the Bakery Cafe and speak to Altina. Speak to Altina again and select the first choice to end Free Time Mode.

Einhell Keep Level 1

Millium will join your party as a guest member. The second segment of the Einhell Fortress is fairly straightforward. Continue forward, until an event pops, the game will let you know that certain objects can only be destroyed by certain characters. Switch to Altina or Millum and destroy the pillars to proceed. Continue by exploring the east side of the fortress, which eventually will lead you all the way to the west part of the dungeon. In there you will find a computer terminal that will deactivate all the obstacles in the area. With this done, head to the room in the center, examine the orbment station, then proceed to start a boss fight.

After the battle, leave the fortress for an event.

When you regain control, you will be given a tutorial on Mech battles.

Chapter 1 – April 21st – 22nd (Morning)

April 21st

After the event scenes, you will end up inside the Derfflinger. Before you can proceed with the main story, there are some missables in this short segment.

List of Side Activities

Vantage Master Opponents

Juna – (Victory = Ranger Card)


Entering the shower will restore all HP, EP, Assault Points and 100 CP.

You will need to speak the following people before you can proceed with the story.

Towa – Car #1

Claire – Car #2 (Adds Page 1 to her Profile.)

Juna – Car #3 (Can play against her in Vantage Master after speaking to her)

Kurt – Car #4

Altina – Car #5

Valimar – Car #6

After you have spoken to everyone, return the Male Instructor Room to conclude the night.

As you arrive at the Field Study Training Base, the game will let you know about the training base tutorial.

Training Base Tutorial

Students in the Training Base are responsible for operating their own specialty. This includes operating shops and collecting data from you.

Pablo – Operates the Equipment Shop. (Weapons, Accessories, and Upgrades)

Kairi – Operates the Medicine Shop. (Sell healing items)

Stark – Operates the General Good Store. (Sell miscellaneous items such as books)

Sandy – Operates the Food Store. (Sells food-related items.)

Gustaf – Synthesize EX-Orb and other EX-Orb adjustments.

Vallerie – Collect battle notes from you. (Obtain reward when a certain amount is reached.)

Louise – Collect Character Profiles from you. (Obtain reward when a certain amount is reached.)

Tatiana – Collect Book Notes from you. (Obtain reward when a certain amount is reached.)

Freddy – Collect Fishing Notes from you. (Obtain reward when a certain amount is reached.)

When you regain control, speak to Sandy to update her profile. Claire will also be joining you as a guest character. Guest characters usually come in much stronger than your current party members, however, they won’t stay with your team permanently.

If you speak to Freddy, you will get a hidden request from him. Now, leave the Training Base and head north to Saint-Arkh.

(Note: Claire will leave your party as you enter.)

South Sutherland Highway

Claire will much stronger than the rest of your party, use this opportunity to level the rest of your team. Explore the area by heading north. There are some treasures (White Glasses, Golden Sphere R, Sepith x50) hidden around the area, usually beside a giant rhino enemy. When you reach the north exit. You will arrive in the city of Saint-Arkh.

(Note: Claire will leave your party as you enter.)

Chapter 1 – April 22nd


After the event scene, you will end up in the Hyarms Manor. You will also receive a new set of quests you need to do. Read the description of each quest then close the menu. Afterwards, you can now freely explore Saint-Arkh.

Now there will be a whole ton of optional stuff for you to pick up, once you have finished these side activities, work on the side quest you receive from earlier.

List of Side Activities

New Profiles

– Sandy [Page 1] – Speak to Sandy at the Training Base

– Freddy [Page 1] – Completed the “Wild Recipe” quest.

Vantage Master Opponents

– Celestin – Hyarms Manor (Victory = Guene-Foss)


– Imperial Chronicles, Vol. 2 Purchase from Stark. (Training Base) or Ernool Used Books (General Store in Cathedral Square)

– Coby and the Mysterious Museum – Part 1 – Found in a Residence at the Noble District.

– The Immoral Hero – Part 1 – Purchase from the Ernool Used Books (General Store in Cathedral Square)

– Black Records 1 (Copy) – Automatically will receive this item as you move to Cathedral Square or the Residential District.


Brass Fountain Pen – Purchase from the Exchange Shop (Gift for Kurt)

Require: White Glasses and Silver Earrings


Radio Story – Speak to Maid Kisela in Hotel Augusta (Cathedral Square)

These events are marked with a Green Star on the mini map.

New Recipes

– Fluffy Chiffon Cake – Try the Chiffon Cake at the Cafe/Inn to learn the recipe.

– Southern Punch – Learn from the Lady working in the Juice Stall of Cathedral Square and purchase the Southern Punch Recipe.

New Fishing Spot

– South Sutherland Highway 1 – Northeast Area

– Isthmia Great Forest – West Area

Quest: The Wonderful, Wonderful Cat

Quest: The Wonderful, Wonderful Cat / 迷い猫の捜索

Start the quest by going inside the Cafe/inn in the Residential District. On the second floor, speak to Ivan. Then move to the Noble District. Speak to Sir Casette, he should be marked with a green exclamation mark on the min map. Then go to the cathedral square, when you reach the airport, an event scene will occur.

Now move back to the Residential district and examine the gates near the southwest area to complete the quest.

There are other side quests you can pick up, but you can’t complete them as of yet, so continue with the story. Move to the Cathedral Square, and enter the Cathedral. Go to the room to the left and speak with Archbishop Ramsen. Now you will need to gather some intel before you can freely explore the area.

– Kestner – General Store 2F (Shopkeeper of Weapons & Armor, Springer)

– Vivi – Cafe / Inn “April”

With that done, you can now freely explore North Sutherland Highway. It is highly recommended that you purchase new weapons before you proceeding to the next area, if you can hold your Mira until you reach the next town, there is even better armor you can purchase from there.

North Sutherland Highway

When you go to North Sutherland Highway, the game will let you know about Reporting Scenery Photos to Vivi. By holding L2 and O(if you use Dualshock), you can use the Arcus Menu to report information to your classmates.

This includes Radio Stories to Munk, Black Records to Rosine, and Scenery Photos for Vivi.

Anyways, when you’re ready to move, go from the bottom path You will find a Cool Necklace in a treasure chest. When you at the north end, open the treasure chest just to the left of the gate. It has three items inside. Then move to the bottom left corner to initiate a boss fight.

After winning this fight, head to the bottom left area for an event scene. With this done, return to Saint-Arkh.

After the brief dialogue, you can now access West Sutherland Highway. Now before you depart, you should work on the remaining side quest, as you can now finish them.

Quest: Red Perch Search

st: Red Perch Search / お祝いのご馳走

– Move to the Noble District, then enter the mansion to the west.

– Speak to the Maid Izzy (Room to the left). Izzy will you give you 10 Fishing Baits.

– There is also a book you can read called Coby and the Mysterious Museum – Part 1 in the same mansion.

– You will need to catch a Red Perch by fishing. The Fishing Spot is located on South Sutherland Highway 2 or Isthmia Great Forest.

– If you struggle to catch this fish, try to purchase some fishing gear to make it easier.

– Bring the Red Perch to Izzy to complete the side quest.

West Sutherland Highway

Make sure you have picked up the side quest from earlier, so you can complete them on the way. There is also a different variety of monsters in this area, make sure to scan them. If you encounter the Bomb Grass or the [[Simiamanita] enemy, they can drop Plant Bits. Getting three Plant Bits is required to complete the Wild Recipe side quest for later.

Now explore the top route, you will find a chest in the center area. Open the chest to get 3 Curia Balms and 3 S-Tablet. Then on the northwest corner, you will find another chest. open the chest to receive a Green Pendulum. Then keep going west, when you see the path split ways, you can go to the upper center for another chest. Open that chest to get the Recuria quartz. Then continue to the bottom route until you reach the next area.

Isthmia Great Forest

This area will start immediately with an enemy encounter. These bats are really weak, so you shouldn’t have a problem dealing with them. Right after the battle is over, Rean will explain that this area has is heavily concreated with the higher elements. This means Time, Space and Mirage type elements are accounted for in battles along with other types of AT Bonus.

Just right near the entrance, there is an Orbment Station. Use it to fully recover yourself. Then explore the area. To the west side of the map, there is a fishing spot. If you manage to catch the Red Perch from the fishing spot, you can give the fish to complete the Red Perch Search side quest. Then right at the west corner, there is a chest with a Coral Bracelet.

Now explore the east side of the area, when the route splits ways, you will encounter a giant spider. Just behind the spider is a location that lets you take a scenery photo.

Give the photo to Vivi by using the Arcus Menu (L2 + O). There will be a chest in the left corner. Open the chest to get a Herb Seeds. Continue the path east, when it split ways, you can find a chest in the top left corner. Open the chest to get 2 Celestial Balm. Then keep moving until you reach near the end until the path split ways, you will find a treasure right past the giant spider. The chest here is a Gladiator Headband. These accessories are extremely useful in battle as it lets you gain CP rapidly. Then keep moving until you see an Orbment Station. Restore your health, then continue to the dead end.

Afterwards, collect all the Erynflowers (The blue flower) in the area. This will trigger an event scene and Rean will learn a new Brave Order. Return back to Saint Arkh. Head to the Cathedral and speak to the Archbishop for an event. Then leave the Cathedral.

Chapter 1 – April 23rd

Training Camp

List of Side Activities

New Profiles

– Lechter [Page 1] – Automatically.

– Jessica [Page 1] – Speak to Jessica.

Optional Events

– Speak to Valimar – Train Car #6

– Speak to Tita.

Important Objects (After leaving the Training Camp)

– Black Records 6 – North Sutherland Highway 2 (Treasure Chest)

– Heartless Edgar Chapter 3 – Speak to Sminone (Parm, Chapel)

– Scenery Photo – North Sutherland Highway 2) Near the second bridge)

New Fishing Spot

– North Sutherland Highway 2

After the event scene, go and speak to Jessica in the campsite, this will add page 1 to her profile. Then you can speak to Tita or Mint for an optional scene and Valimar in Car #6. When you’re ready to depart, Fie will mention about Sub Master Quartz.

Sub Master Quartz is a new function added to the Trails series. From now on you can equip two master quartz on a character. The quartz in the sub-slot will have its stats cut in half compared to the one locked in the main slot. Take advantage of this system to bring your party to their full potential

Then depart to Saint-Arkh by examing the horse near the entrance. This will prompt you the choice of letting who gets to ride with Rean on his horse.


Read the request you were given from the Bracer’s Guild. You can now access the rest of North Sutherland Highway. Complete the side quest by killing the quest monster in their assigned locations.

Quest: Isthmia Great Forest Monster

You can find the quest monster in the same location where you have fought the boss from before. Use the quick travel function to instantly get there.

North Sutherland Highway

The next side quest is located in North Sutherland Highway. This time you can explore the other half of it. As you reach the gates to the second area, you will fight a group of boars. This fight should be very easy, if you find yourself struggling, use Fie’s Brave Order.

The second area contains some important items, this includes new Scenery Photos and another Black Record.

Head east to find a chest around the center, open it to get the Blue Hair – Elliot accessory. Then travel all the way to the southeast area. You can find the quest monster here.

Quest: North Sutherland Highway Monster

Defeat the quest monster found by the southeast area of the map.

After winning this battle, just pass the monster lies a treasure chest. Open it to get Black Records 6, Use the Arcus menu to report to Rosine. There is also a fishing spot at the southeast corner.

From here, just keep going north until an event scene occurs. You will end up fighting a group of moths. After defeating them, you can take a scenery photo by the bridge. Use the Arcus Menu to give the photo to Vivi.

Then on the northwest corner, there is a chest with 50 Sepith inside. Keep going, if you approach the gate to the east, there is a chest with an Orange Cape inside. Then keep going north until you reach Dreknor Fortress.

After the event scene, return to Saint-Arkh. Then go to the Training Camp and then to Palm.


Now before you head anywhere, speak to Sister Simone in the Chapel. Simone will give you the third volume of Heartless Edgar.

Then speak to the people gathering by the bridge and select the first option to help them out. This will unlock a side quest.

Quest: Lost Wallet

After accepting the request, leave town by going to Old Agria Road. The lost wallet can be found in the northeast hill where you have fought the mini-boss from before. Examine the shining object the near grass.

Then resume the main story, leave town by going to Parm Byroad. Take the southwest exit. This will be the point of no return, if you haven’t finished collecting all the treasures, side quest or other missable content, then complete those tasks first. If you’re ready then proceed.

Hamel Road

Agate will temporarily join you for this area. Agate is a very powerful fighter that focuses on hard-hitting attacks along with a decent Brave Order that gives your party more damage when enemies go into the break phase. Explore the west area, it will lead you to a dead end with a treasure chest. Open the chest to get the Silver Thorn R quartz. Then move to the north side of the map, if you go to the upper left corner, you can find another chest with some potions insides. Now keeping going north for an event scene. This will force you into an enemy encounter with some remote gunners. Make sure you scan these enemies as you cannot fight them in a random encounter.

Proceed to the northwest corner of the map, to find another treasure chest. Open it to get a Mute II quartz. Then continue southwest, you will find a fishing spot. From here on the path will be fairly linear, you can find some treasure chest by going to each corner of the map, (Gladiator Belt, Crystal Edge R, EP Charge III) When you about to go to the next area of Hamel Highway. You will another group of robots. Defeat them and proceed to the second part of Hamel Highway.

The second area of Hamel Highway is fairly linear, the area also contains a new set of monsters. A fairly dangerous monster is the giant ape type monster, these monsters have the ability to boost their strength exponentially and can easily wipe out your party if you’re not careful.

Explore the area by going east, when the path split ways, going to the northeast corner will bring you to a treasure. Open the chest to get the Ivy Nail R quartz. Then if you go to the south corner from there, you can find another just behind the ape monster. Open the chest to get two Celestial Balms. Then follow the southeast path, along the way you can find some treasures hidden around the edge of the map. This includes a Venom Flame R and Spirit Incense. When you reach the end, you will find an Orbment Station. Restore your health and take the exit to Hamel Village.

As you arrive in the village, examine the three shiny objects placed on the map. They should also be marked with an exclamation mark if you have trouble finding them. After you examine the three objects. Approach the people at the gravesite for a boss fight.

After the conclusion of this chapter, Rean will be graded based on the activities he has done. If you manage to get a total of 67 AP, you will get the S Rank for Chapter 1.

Note: This guide was made by Zoelius and shared by ✪ シュバルツァー

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