The Last Spell – How to Rotate Buildings

A guide on how to rotate buildings in The Last Spell.

The Last Spell

War was rampaging all over the land for decades. In a desperate move to end it all, the mages provoked The Cataclysm. Massive balls of pure magic obliterated nearly everything. A strange purple mist propagated everywhere. They say that those who entered the mist were killed, driven mad, or worse…

Only a few Havens keep up the fight against the hordes of bloodthirsty monsters that come out at night from this damned mist. A few strained heroes protect the walls night after night, until a handful of mages manage to cast The Last Spell and banish all magic from this accursed world. And maybe save us all. Maybe.

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How to Rotate Buildings

You cannot rotate buildings before building them. They automatically place themselves in the right angle depending on where your cursor is pointing at.

Also see the other guide: How to Rotate Rain of Arrows or Tight Volley.

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