The Last Spell – How to Prepare for the Final Night

A guide on how to prepare for the final night in The Last Spell. The following tips and tricks are only suggestion for you, not absolute solution.

How to Prepare for the Final Night

Just tried the “clean the base” before wave 12 cause (or thanks to) this post and it make thinks easier for sure to navigate, thanks for the tips 😮

It was my 2nd victory (this one being in apocalypse 1) but first S as my 1st win i lost an unfortunate mage.

All my heroes being on watchtowers (and soo having a true sight / ignore building view) except for the one that will go one shot KABOOM on 4 bosses with poison dagger spam, I consider it easier to let the buildings inside as it will slow down the enemies that may break-in.

But if you have lower range heroes I guess making the inside a death trap for enemies and adding inside wall is a nice idea (Lemdoran).

Don’t sit behind walls, clear the waves as they go out of the mist (Fortytudo).

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