The Last Spell – Guide to Production, Night, Upgrading (How to Play)

How to play the Last Spell? It is a guide to the production phase, night phase, upgrading heroes in The Last Spell.

A guide on How to Play

How to play the Last Spell? Please read carefully the guide.

Defend the last bastion of humanity with your squad of Heroes! Exterminate fiendish monsters with magic and brute force by night and re-build your battered city defenses by day.

Your Goal:

You must protect the Magic Circle until the Mages cast The Last Spell.

You Lose IF:

  • The Magic Circle is destroyed.
  • All your Heroes are dead.

Position your Heroes: place them just outside the city.

The City Stash is unavailable during the night, so make sure to equip all your gear beforehand.

The direction of incoming hordes is shown in the Commander’s Journal.

Night Phase (How to Play)

  • Fight monsters until they’re all dead.
  • Move your Heroes and use their skills in g any order you like.
  • Once you’re done comes the horde’s turn.
  • Any enemy within your Haven or damaging its buildings will cause some ! Panic.
  • At the end of the Night, the Panic level determines your rewards.
  • Health and Mana are not fully regenerated every day!
  • Consult the Character Sheet for each Hero’s daily w+ Health/Mana Regen.
  • Heroes have 2 different weapon sets and can swap freely between them at any time.
  • Any attribute modifier granted by the equipment is always applied, even for the weapon set that is not currently active.
  • A Hero’s available Skills depend on the gear they have equipped.

Undo Move

Any movement is cancelable until you cast a skill.


Assign Workers to buildings tasks:

  • On the buildings, you have built.
  • On Ruins to get Gold and Materials by destroying them.
  • Spend Gold to construct buildings and upgrade them, buy new gear for Heroes, and more.
  • Spend Materials to erect defenses around the Haven.

Upgrade The Heroes

Level up

Increase their primary and secondary attributes to reinforce a strength or alleviate a weakness.


Build your own combination of passive abilities to further specialize their play style.

Items have 2 elements that define their power:

  • Level: Defines the values of the attributes and damage. Represented by the Roman Numeral at the bottom of the icon and the “+X” in the name.
  • Rarity: Adds random bonus attributes to the base item. Represented by the color of the item.

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