The Jackbox Party Pack 8 – How to Earn All Achievement

A guide on (detailed information) how to earn every achievement in Jackbox Party Pack 8.

How to Earn All Achievement

Opening Tips

These achievements are significantly easier if you do them by yourself, or in conjunction with others who are working towards earning them. For the sake of this guide, I’ll assume that is what you’re doing.

If an achievement does NOT mention the number of players needed, it can be done with the minimum players for that game.

You can use an extension such as SessionBox[] for Chrome to allow you easily have multiple sessions at once.

Thank you for checking out this guide. If you found it helpful, please give it a Thumbs Up and consider giving me an Award. If you need help, please ask in the comments.

Drawful Animated

Fool Me Three Times: Fool the same player 3 times in a game

Requires 4+ players, otherwise you won’t have enough guesses with each person.

Palette Cleanser: Use all 3 colors in an animation

This is very easy. It can even be done when creating your avatar before a game starts.

Proof of Friends: Finish a game in the Friend Mode

Just load up the 2nd game mode, Friend Mode, and finish the game.


For your answer to any drawing, include the word “Accomplishment”. Another player may have to select it as well, but I’m not sure if that is required or not. Will award as soon as that image is completed.

The Wheel

It’s Anyone’s Game: Spin the wheel after all players have enough points to win the game

If you give identical answers for both players, they’ll get the same amount of points and you should be able to get them both over 20,000 fairly evenly. I’d avoid placing slices down to help keep it even as well. For ones with a speed timer, pause the game and input the correct answer + click submit for both players, then unpause.

Power Slice Hero: Earn the power slice in every round in 1 game

Have the same player get the most points on the 3rd question in each round of the game (likely 2 rounds, if it’s a 2 player game).

The Big Score: Earn more than 10,000 points from a single slice

I recommend having as many players as possible to try and make this easier. A full 8, if possibe. If you can finish the wheel on round 3 and get the 1.5x bonus, you’ll be guaranteed to get it. Otherwise, try and get lucky with a x2 spin slice. Remember that you can place multiple of your slices on 1 slice, to increase the reward. On the trivia rounds, try and get as few points as possible, spread winnings out evenly between questions, and don’t answer at all for any round that is a match-the-columns, which is greater, or what am i thinking of? Make sure to pause, so that you can properly answer for all your players + plan out your order of points for each question.

True Enlightenment: Get your question answered 2 games in a row

Win 2 games in a row with the same player.

Job Job

Totally Synergized: Get 2 synergies in 1 round

Requires 5+ players, in order to count as a Synergy. A Synergy is when all players + audience votes for your answer. Do this twice in 1 round.

Over the Rainbow: Get a rainbow bonus in all 3 rounds

Requires 4+ players. A rainbow bonus is awarded when you use words from 3 different players AND your answer receives more votes. Get one of these in each of the 3 rounds.

Logo Poke-a: Poke the logo 40 times

This is the sad briefcase with “Job Job” written on it that appears during the tutorial or after you’ve submitted your answers.

Workin 9 to 5: Play Job Job 5 days in a row, Monday thru Friday, between 9am and 5pm

I’m not certain if you can manipulate your system clock to get this achievement, since Jackbox does have a server-side component. I am also unsure of how time zones factor into this achievement. To make sure, I’d just follow the achievement instructions and take a week to earn this properly.

The Poll

In The Dark: In round 1, picked the 8th place door on 1st guess

In Round 1, Player 1 selects the 1st 4 options, Player 2 selects options 4-7. Then, on the first Door guess, pick option 8.

Perfect Round: Pick all correct doors for an entire round

In Round 1 or 2, both players select the same 4 answers in the same order. Then select the correct 3 answers that are asked for.

All Alone: Win a game by yourself vs 9 opponents

Requires 10 players. The hardest part of this is setting up a 10 player game solo. Once you’ve done that, assign 9 players to one team, then start the game. In rounds 1 and 2, have all 10 players select the same answers in the same order, then have the solo player answer correctly and the players on the team of 9 answer incorrectly. For round 3, have 9 of the players answer the same 5 answers in the same order and then have the 10th player answer the first three the same but have fourth and fifth answers be unique… this will insure that all 8 answers have different point values. Then, again, have the solo player answer correctly on the 8th and 7th answers to win (with team of 9 answering incorrectly).

Vs the World: In Streamer Mode, play against an audience of 1000+

You might be able to do this with SessionBox? It would take a while, and it might crash your browser. I’ll test it out when I have a few hours free later this week. If anyone else has ideas on how to earn this without being a massively large streamer, post in the comments.

Weapons Drawn

Elementary: At least 1 person gets every case correct, including Cold Cases

Will award at the end of the game. Have all players get every case correct, just to be sure.

Belle of the Ball: Attempt to murder 1 person 10 times

Have 3 players all incorrectly guess the 4th player’s accomplice 3 times and then one of them correctly guesses it. It will be the only option remaining, so 10 attempts is the most you can have.

Dead of Night: Play the game at Midnight

I finished a game at 11:59 and started another game, but the achievement didn’t trigger. This was EST, so it’s possible that it’s time zone dependent. Jackbox Games are located in CST.

Lashed Out: Murder an accomplice named “Schmitty”

Name one of the accomplices “Schmitty” and then murder that accomplice.

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