The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope – How to Skip Intro and Remove Black Bars (Ultrawide)

There real information how to remove black bars (wide and Ultrawide screens) and skip intro in The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope.

How to Skip Intro


1. Need open folder:

  • steamapps\common\The Dark Pictures Anthology – Little Hope\SMG024\Content\Movies\SkullVideo

2. Create .txt file:

  • Rename original DPSkullIntro.bk2 to _DPSkullIntro.bk2
  • Create DPSkullIntro.txt and rename to DPSkullIntro.bk2

Done you can playing faster, but need SSD anyway.

By [email protected]

How to Remove Black Bars (Ultrawide)

1.You need to download the program Flawless Widescreen here
2.Download archive and unpack the contents into the folder where you installed Flawless Widescreen.
3.Turn on the program and make sure the fix is on
4.The fix can be turned on before launch and after launch Little Hope.

Also in the archive there is a fix for the Man of medan.

By Savitrue

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