The Ascent – How to Fix Stutter (Disable Control Flow)

A guide on how to fix stutter in The Ascent. Also, how to disable control flow.

How to Fix Stutter (Disable Control Flow)

The developers have heard the communities complaints regarding micro stutters whenever there is a new explosion or model on screen that you have not seen before. This is due to the game caching the shaders. The developers have said a fix will be coming soon, but below is a guide on how you may be able to fix this for yourself in the meantime.

  1. Switch from DX12 to DX11 for the time being.
  2. Enable VSYNC.
  3. Disable Control Flow Guard for the game (Steps for this are below).

How to Disable Control Flow Guard for The Ascent

  1. Click on the Windows Start Menu and search for Exploit Protection
  2. Click on the Program Settings tab
  3. Click + Add Program to Customize
  4. Select Exact File Path
  5. Navigate to \steamapps\common\The Ascent\TheAscent\Binaries\Win64\ and select TheAscent-Win64-Shipping.exe
  6. In the window that appears scroll down to Control Flow Guard
  7. Check in Override System Settings, turn the setting off, then click Apply.

These are the settings that worked for me! I hope you can find that it helps you too and can start to enjoy this amazing game without the stutter!

by Pooch

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