The Ascent – How to Fix Save File

A guide on how to fix corrupted “save file” in The Ascent.

How to Fix Save File

This may or may not work but it’s definitely worth trying, you simply download the steam cloud save file and put it in the save folder.

  • 1. Go to and download your cloud file.
  • 2. Browse to C:\Users\-yourusername-\AppData\Local\TheAscent\Saved\SaveGames – this folder might be hidden by default in windows.
  • 3. Backup any save file you may have in that folder (duplicate it)
  • 4. Paste the downloaded file with the name SaveProfiles.sav in the folder.

I have not tested it myself but if it works for anyone that is awesome. If not you can always create a copy of the save yourself while playing, not ideal but you won’t loose all the progress should it get corrupted.

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