Terraria – How to Get Good Discounts without Moving Houses (NFC)

This guide will help you on how to get good discounts without moving houses (NFC Happiness) in Terraria.

How to Get Good Discounts without Moving Houses?


All pictures are from the Official Terraria Wiki or made by myself.

Because the content there is available under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0, I’m allowed to use its content under the terms of mentioning the creative common.

TODO: I’m still double checking the numbers. This is at the moment just a theory, but I’m working on it.

Concept and Housing

How can I make my NPCs as happy as they can get.

  • I don’t want to move them around.
  • I want a pylon.
  • I want a really good discount.

As you can see at the Wikis Happiness section, the NPCs will get a discount/price modifier, when

  • they have a neighbour they’re liking or loving (max. 25 tiles away),
  • the town is between 2-5 NPCs large (recommended: 2-4),
  • a couple who are neighbours live far from other NPCs (min. 25 tiles, max. 120 tiles),
  • they live in a liked or loved biome,
  • they are far away from the dungeon, corruption or crimson.

There are 25 NPCs and 9 Pylons.

So my idea is to focus on loving NPCs and pairing them into couples. For each pylon/town I place a couple-house (a relative large house with 2 rooms) and at least 25 tiles away (from wall to wall) another single house or a couple-house for the 3rd (and 4th) NPC.

I also focus on No-Hate. No NPC will have a NPC in their town he/she dislikes or hates. Same goes for biome preferences. In theory it should be fine to have some NPCs in the same town who dislikes each other, as long as they are not in a couple-house. But I don’t put them in the same town, just to be sure.

Oh and by the way. I don’t care about efficient NPC placing. The teleportation is almost instant, so I could place the pylons in the room of the NPC I often want to talk to. I’m lazy, but this is no effort for me.

Comparable Factors

I will compute the happiness to calculate an average and make it comparable.
The NPC gets the following multiplicators:

  • 0.9 for beeing in a couple-house. (actually it’s the 2-5 NPC limitation) {H-factor}
  • 0.9 for loving a character in the couple-house. {C-factor}
  • 0.95 for liking a character in the couple-house. {C-factor}
  • 0.9 for loving the biome {B-factor}
  • 0.95 for liking the biome {B-factor}


I put every couple on one side of the pylon. These NPCs in this example have the same happiness, so the calculations are quite easy.

  • H-factor: They are living in a couple-house, so they get the factor *0.9
  • C-factor: The neighbour is a character they are liking, so they get the factor *0.95
  • B-factor: They are living in a biome they are liking, so they get the factor *0.95
  • HCB: Every value multiplied (0.9*0.95*0.95) results in a 0.81225 happiness.
  • Because I focus on happiness, I won’t round it to the nearest 5%. The NPCs usually round their prices. In this example they would have a 0.80 multiplicated discount.

Side Note

One more thing, before I start pairing. I don’t care about the happiness from


I care about their partners happiness. I want a pylon and they should sell it!

Town Pets

Place them anywhere you like them to be. They don’t count as NPC to let other NPCs sell their pylon, so they are just decoration to me.

Lets pair them up:

Pairing NPCs – Cavern

HCB : 0.9*0.9*0.95=0.7695
HCB : 0.9*0.9*1=0.81
HC: =0.95

Pairing NPCs – Desert (new findings) 

The town is placeable in Underground/Cavern.

HCB : 0.9*0.9*0.95=0.7695
HCB : 0.9*0.9*1=0.81
HCB : 0.9*0.9*1=0.81
HCB : 0.9*1*0.95=0.855

Make sure to keep your NPCs away from the Hallow (min. 78 tiles). Their average happiness would be worse:

HCB : 0.9*0.9*1=0.81 (will sell both pylons)
HCB : 0.9*0.9*0.95=0.7695 (can’t sell pylons)
HCB : 0.9*0.9*1=0.81 (will sell both pylons)
HCB : 0.9*1*1=0.9 (won’t sell pylons. Not happy enough.)

Pairing NPCs – Forest

HCB : 0.9*0.95*0.95=0.81225
HCB : 0.9*0.95*0.95=0.81225

Pairing NPCs – Hallow 

The town is combinable/placeable in Desert or Snow.

HCB : 0.9*0.9*0.95=0.7695
HCB : 0.9*1*0.95=0.855

Pairing NPCs – Jungle

The Jungle is a special one. I focused more on loving than on liking, so my setup looks like this:

The town is placeable in Underground/Cavern.
HCB : 0.9*0.9*0.95=0.7695
HCB : 0.9*1*0.95=0.855
HC: =0.95

But when I pair them focused on liking, so that I have a greater discount for the wings, I get the same average happiness in this town:

HCB : 0.9*0.95*0.95=0.81225
HCB : 0.9*0.95*0.95=0.81225
HC: =0.95

Pairing NPCs – Mushroom

HCB : 0.9*0.9*0.95=0.7695
HCB : 0.9*1*1=0.9
HC: =1 (I could put him into the Forest for a 0.95 happiness, but that would collide with my No-Hate concept.)

Pairing NPCs – Ocean

HCB : 0.9*0.9*0.95=0.7695
HCB : 0.9*1*0.95=0.855
HC: =1 (I could put him into the Snow for a 0.95 happiness, but if  is living with him in a couple-house…lets say it wouldn’t work out very well.)

Pairing NPCs – Snow

HCB : 0.9*0.9*0.95=0.7695
HCB : 0.9*0.9*1=0.81
HC: =0.9 (Yay! The only NPC who loves and hates biomes.)

Pairing NPCs – Universal

Universal is a special one. It can be placed anywhere. But I’m focusing on loved biomes, so I will only compare Desert and Snow.

The town is placeable in Underground/Cavern.

Putting them in a Snow-Biome results in AVG()=0.811125

HCB : 0.9*0.9*1=0.81
HCB : 0.9*0.95*0.95=0.81225
Putting them in a Desert-Biome results in AVG()=0.81225

HCB : 0.9*0.9*0.95=0.7695
HCB : 0.9*0.95*1=0.855

So I’m gonna put them in a Snow-Biome.


The overall average happiness for every NPC is: 0.83973

You have a different setup? Let’s compare the average values! I don’t think that my setup is optimal, but it should still be a very good one.

The best part is: I don’t have to move my NPCs around, I get my pylons and get a good discount.
And what I also like is, that I can even use all pylons during the NPC-respawn-time after killing  or  for Skeletron or WoF.

Different Offers of Purchase


sells different solutions (blue or green) when she is in a Hallow or when she isn’t in one. But with my setup this shouldn’t be an issue.

Which might be an issue is the 

. He sells different paintings in each biome. Fortunately he is the only one who loves to travel.

Graveyard related items are easy to get. Just put 6 tombstones near the following NPCs and they sell you additional stuff:

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