Terraria 1.4 – Useful Tips for NPCs, Critters, and Enemies (Spawns, Bosses, Money)

Useful tips for NPCs, Critters, and Enemies (spawns, bosses, money, etc.) in Terraria 1.4 Journey’s End Update.

Useful Tips for NPCs, Critters, and Enemies

  • Antlion Swarmers and Chargers can now be found in small and large variants, with appropriate differences in strength
  • Jellyfish and Granite Golems spawned from statues now drop their items even less frequently, and reduced the sell value of some of those drops
  • Granite Elementals can no longer fly through walls
  • Reduced the volume on Granite Golem’s death sound
  • Crimslimes now inflict Blindness and drop Blindfolds
  • The Giant Cursed Skull now inflicts Curse and drops the Nazar
  • Beehive Bees in the Jungle will now target enemies as well as the player
  • Maneater type enemies can no longer be killed by mining the block they are attached to
  • Clowns are now much more dangerous and throw Chattering Teeth Bombs
  • Many enemies which previously stopped spawning after defeating the Wall of Flesh can now be found at reduced rates even in Hardmode
  • Several “minion” enemies that have no banners are now subject to the banner effects that affect their creator (such as Baby Mothron and the Mothron Banner)
  • Enemies have an increased chance to drop bonus amounts of money when killed
  • Enemies drop extra money during Blood Moons
  • Eater of Worlds now has more segments, even more so in Expert Mode
  • King Slime is now somewhat harder to abuse with ropes
  • Plantera’s Tentacles now have health scaling in Expert Multiplayer
  • Brain of Cthulhu’s Creepers now have health scaling in Expert Multiplayer
  • Expert Brain of Cthulhu and his Creepers now have increased knockback resistance per player present on a server, ultimately becoming immune to knockback.
  • Expert Skeletron Prime now moves faster when spinning.
  • Old One’s Army now has some Expert scaling in multiplayer
  • Martian Saucers in normal mode no longer have a phase two, and die as soon as their turrets are destroyed
  • There are now less Martian Saucers per invasion, and they are less likely to chain spawn
  • Martian Saucers can now shoot their death beam through blocks. However, they are slower and their beams easier to avoid.
  • Several Martian Invasion drops are now dropped from regular Martians, decreasing the random nature of the Martian Saucer’s drop pool
  • Golem attacks more aggressively the more players are present in Expert, and also slightly harder to cheese
  • Golem will now enrage when out of the jungle or on the surface
  • Moon Lord’s Phantasmal Death Ray will now penetrate blocks that are between it and the player
  • Frogs can now swim
  • Explosive Bunnies can now be released as critters and can explode
  • Enchanted Nightcrawlers can now spawn naturally during meteor showers
  • Gold Critters are now more rare

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