Terraria 1.4 – Useful Tips for Equipment, Armor, Weapons, Blocks

Useful tips for equipment, armor, weapons, blocks, furniture in Terraria 1.4 Journey’s End Update.

Useful Tips

Equipment, Armor, and Weapons

  • The Ruler’s utility effect is now always available for players to turn on or off. The Ruler item can now be used as a weapon instead, and is still used in crafting recipes.
  • The Breathing Reed and Umbrella can now be used as weapons, and can still be used for their original purposes as well
  • The Throwing subclass has been combined with the Ranged class. Previously Thrown weapons now do Ranged damage
  • Shortswords can now be used in all directions, not just forward
  • Titanium Armor now has a new set bonus, and Shadow Dodge has been repurposed as Holy Protection, the new Set Bonus for Hallowed Armor
  • Medusa Head and Charged Blaster Cannon have been heavily redesigned and should be more effective in combat
  • Some other weapons have had some moderate redesigns to improve their effectiveness, including but not limited to: Magic Missile, Flamelash, Rainbow Rod, Poison and Venom Staff, Staff of -Earth, and Heat Ray
  • A host of other weapon, armor, tool and accessory adjustments, some small, some minor. For more, please check out the Balance Changes section
  • Vanity Accessory slots now can only hold accessories with a visual vanity effect
  • Gravity Globe can now be toggled in mid-air
  • Tiki Armor, Pygmy Necklace, and the Hercules Beetle can now be purchased without carrying Pygmy Staff as long as you have defeated Plantera
  • Blessed Apple now only drops from Unicorns, but at a higher drop rate than before
  • Cenx’s Tiara now drops with both of her dev set bundle
  • 0x33’s Aviators are now dropped from Master-mode Eye of Cthulhu
  • Arkhalis is now dropped in the Arkhalis dev set bundle

Blocks and Furniture

  • Upgraded Mannequins, they now have an interactable inventory which allows visible accessories such as wings, as well as dye support. They can also be painted, and are no longer destroyed unless their inventory is empty
  • Weapon Racks are now paintable. You can also place Fish on Weapon Racks for display purposes.
  • Players can now sit in chairs, sofas, thrones, benches, and they can lay down in beds to sleep. Sleeping in beds will speed up time. If in multiplayer, time will only speed up if all players are sleeping.
  • Goblin, Eyeball, Hornet, Imp, and Corrupt Statues now spawn enemies when wired
  • You can now craft Ice Chests, and its name and the Frozen Chest’s name were swapped to match furniture consistency
  • Living Wood, Skyware, and Lihzahrd Chests are now craftable
  • Temple traps now require higher pickaxe power to mine to prevent obtaining them too early
  • Changed the light colors of the light sources in following sets so that each set uses consistent lighting: Marble, Pearlwood, Mahogany, Spooky, Steampunk, Palm Wood, Ebonwood, Shadewood, Glass, Living Wood, and Frozen. Ebonwood’s Candelabra was resprited to visually match this updated color.
  • Bewitching Station now generates light, because it had candles all this time
  • Water and Peace Candles can now be wired to turn on or off, which will toggle their buff as well
  • Shells and Starfish will now generate over time on beaches
  • Cloud Blocks now prevent fall damage
  • Campfires also no longer give their buff when turned off
  • Placing Minecart tracks with Smart Cursor should create smarter and cleaner tracks than before
  • The Stone Slab had the wrong blending, preventing it from being used nicely with most other blocks, and this has been fixed. However, we listened to your concerns, and have added an Accent Stone Slab block, which will function the same as the old Stone Slab did
  • Dynasty Wood blends better with other tiles now
  • Special glass blocks like Waterfall, Confetti, etc now have better merging with other tiles
  • Infected Hardened Sands are now craftable into glass like regular Hardened Sand
  • Statues can now face both directions
  • Bone Blocks are now mined back up as Bones, which can be crafted into other things, or replaced as Bone Blocks as needed with a Bone Wand
  • Staff of Regrowth no longer places moss on stone, as moss is now accessed through other means
  • Ammo Box now has a shotgun cocking sound effect when used

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