Terraria 1.4 – Master Mode Summoning (Lucky Strike Build)

Today I introduce to you the Lucky Strike build for Terraria 1.4! This build is, in fact, the superior build and is viable in Master Mode of Terraria 1.4.

Master Mode Summoning Build


Terraprisma – this item is going to be your main source of damage; and, essentially the backbone for this build!

Kaleidoscope – this item is going to help increase your LUCK chance! This is very important if you’re aiming for quick and clean boss kills.


Stardust Armour – this should be a pretty obvious choice. Stardust armour handles
exceptionally well in Master mode and even more so for boss fights!


Due to the low defense of this build mobility is going to be key for your survival.

Empress Wings – these wings can be interchanged with your wing of choice; however, I strongly recommend these as they seem to be the most sustainable.

Soaring Insignia – not only does this increase mobility, but it also allows for unlimited flight!!!


Necromantic Scroll – this increases your minion damage by 10% and lets you summon an additional one.

Papyrus Scarab – increases summon damage by 15% and lets you summon an additional minion.

Pygmy Necklace – increases minion slot by one.

Exxxtra DamageSummoner Emblem – increases summoner damage by 15%.

Destroyer Emblem – increases overall damage by 10% and increases your critical strike chance by 8%.

Required Prefixes

Weapon Prefixes

Terraprisma – Ruthless Prefix

Kaleidoscope – Legendary Prefix

As this is a crit-based build, you will need to seek out the Goblin Tinkerer.

From there, re-roll ALL of your accessories so that it has the LUCKY prefix.

Suggested Potions

Strongly Recommended Potions

Super Healing Potion – Restores 200 HP

Summoning Potion – Allows for an additional minion / Lasts 8 Minutes

Ironskin Potion – Increases Defense 8 Pts (38->46) / Lasts 8 Minutes

Swiftness Potion – Even more speed for Dodging / Lasts 8 Minutes

Useful Potions to Consider

Lifeforce Potion – Increases your HP by 20% (Max of 600 HP)

Wrath Potion – Increases user Damage by 10%

Greater Luck Potion – Increases Critical Strike chance.

Heartreach Potion – Easier collection of hearts.

By Nocturne

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