Terraria 1.4 – Download Journey Character (Unlocked and Researched)

A download to a Journey character with everything unlocked and researched in Terraria 1.4.

Journey Character (Unlocked and Researched)


Hey all,

I couldn’t find this when I was looking online myself so I thought I’d make a Journey character will max health, mana and all research/unlocks for everyone: here

I used Terrasavr to make the character: here


Where to Place the File?

If you are not sure where to put this file, here are the locations (you can copy and paste that into the explorer/finder):


%USERPROFILE%\Documents\My Games\Terraria\players
macOS (OS X): ~/Library/Application Support/Terraria/players
Linux: ~/.local/share/Terraria/players

(Information taken from PCGamingWiki)

How to Use the Carrot?

If you do not own the collector’s edition the carrot will still not work (even if it’s in your inventory). Here is how to fix it.

On Windows

If you are on a Windows computer. Open Regedit (search for it in the start menu and you’ll find it)

In Regedit go to the following folder:


Open the folder and right click New > String
Call the string Bunny
Now edit this string to have a value of 1.

On Mac and Linux

(info stolen from Deadlee6)

Paste this command line inside your terminal/console

mkdir -p ~/.mono/registry/CurrentUser/software/terraria && echo ‘<values><value name=”Bunny” type=”string”>1</value></values>’ > ~/.mono/registry/CurrentUser/software/terraria/values.xml

By snaphappy

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