Temtem: Kisiwa – How to Bring Crystal Skates Back

A guide on how to bring Crystal Skates in Temtem: Kisiwa back. Did the new patch bring them back?

Temtem: Kisiwa

It’s been a long wait, but finally, tomorrow Kisiwa will open its doors to all Tamers. To celebrate the occasion, we’ve created a new trailer to announce it and showcase some of the features arriving with this patch.

Please, be aware the trailer contains spoilers about new Tems, techniques, and story bits. If you want to do a blind run for Kisiwa we recommend not watching it.

What’s New?

We’ve been working on the new Chat for several months already. Back in the Alpha days we did had a Chat functionality built in the game, but it was very very basic and it consumed a lot of server resources so we decided to rework it from the ground.

The chat features different tabs, the ability to whisper any user, or talk with your club mates. We’ve also been working under the hood to make it safer and include some security functionalities like blocking unknown whispers, blocking other users, reporting messages, implementing warnings and mutes, and some other mod tools that will help us to create a safe environment for all our users.

We’ve also included chat bubbles for the local chat, as well as the club and whispers chats. Chat bubbles will help the game feel more alive and communicate much faster with people around you. For users that prefer to not be distracted by others users, we’ve included an option to hide them entirely in the Settings menu.

Another big feature coming in this patch is the ability to create and manage Clubs. As you know, Clubs are our take for Clans in Temtem. Clubs can hold up to 50 members, and anyone can create one (assuming they have enough pansuns to pay the initial fee).

Creating a club will allow you to customize its banner, using an array of icons, backgrounds, different borders, and dyes, players will be able to create their own unique banner which will be displayed in every player’s profile and also inside competitive battles.

Being the first iteration for Clubs, this patch is not including any real gameplay features for Clubs (that will arrive in the future with Club Dojo wars) so for now, you can think of them as a social hub to be in constant contact with your friends in-game.

This patch is bringing more features and improvements for all like the new set of Emotes players have access to or finally being able to remap the keys or buttons however you like. We don’t want to spoil everything right now, so we will post the full patch notes tomorrow, and there, you will be able to read about the whole set of new features, improvements, and the never-ending fix list.

How to Bring Crystal Skates Back?

You lose them at a certain point in the main questline and suffer because of it in areas that you still need them for.

If you log in and cleared the questline, you can encounter “STILL no skates”.

Crema is trolling us at this point. They even put a new NPC in the Kiwisa update that comments on it.

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