Tell Me Why – 100% Achievements (All Chapters)

This guide will help you on how to get 100% achievements (all chapters) in Tell Me Why.

100% Achievements

Chapter 1: Homecoming


Rear View Mirror

Leave Fireweed Residential Center


Enter the Ronan House

Crafty Goblins

Solve the puzzle on Mary-Ann’s door

Chapter One

You completed Chapter One


We Need To Talk

Take time to talk things over with your twin.

Before entering the house, take a moment and sit on the bench with Alyson in the backyard:


Full Confession

Make Tessa tell the twins everything she knows

You have to find two pieces of evidence in Tessa’s office:

  1. Use Tessa’s computer and read the e-mail “Alliance for Traditional Families”.
  2. Open the locker and read all pages of the notebook labeled “2004”.

Correct answers during the confrontation:

  1. October 2004
  2. You told her about the camp
  3. The Virtue Seekers Youth Camp

Hacking 101

Find the password to unlock the Police Station computer

After receiving the keys from NAME, enter the reception and use the computer:

Username: D. Wilson

Password: Salem


The Crafty Goblins

Alyson: Story-related.

Tyler: On the desk in Tyler’s room.

The Mad Hunter

Tyler: While in the stack, find the “Here be dragons” poster and go to the right:


The Wise Princess

Tyler: Next to the bed in Mary-Ann’s room:

The Pious Pelican

Alyson: Inside the locker in Tessa’s office:


Chapter 2 [UNRELEASED]


Chapter Two

You completed Chapter Two



Chapter 3 [UNRELEASED]




Complete the story with the twins strongly bound together

Life Tears Us Apart

Complete the story with the twin’s bond weakened



Bound To A Lie

Remember the night the twins agreed to lie

Guess Who?

Figure out who inspired each Book of Goblin character

Just One Fix

Help Sam fix the engine

Are You My Daddy?

Learn the truth about Sam’s relationship to the twins

One For The Collection

Find your first hidden Book of Goblins figure

A New Chapter

Start writing a new chapter with Alyson

Cold Case

Discover intel about Mary-Ann’s past and her death


Correct the old graffiti on the tree

Rest In Peace

Make peace with Mary-Ann at the cemetery

Sharp Shooter

Win the plush battle

This Is Despicable

When we say locked, it’s locked

State Your Emergency

Find a recording of the twins’ 911 call

Fish all the Fish

Catch all the fish with Michael

Kick Me

Stick a post-it note in Tyler’s back

Lock-Up And Go

Lock-up and leave the Ronan House with Tyler

Mailbox Bandit

Find out who the Mailbox Bandit really is

The Princess’ Lost Treasure

Uncover the princess’ lost treasure

Moo’d Changer

Prove to Tyler that moo boxes are actually funny

And Everything In Its Place

Place all collectibles in the attic

Remember Strange Vampyr

Find three classic posters

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