Teamfight Manager – Trade Market, Champions, and More (Roadmap)

This shows what devs are planning about trade market, champions, and more (roadmap) of Teamfight Manager.

Trade Market, Champions, and More (Roadmap)

After the release, devs are planning on making updates outlined below. Update order or details may change according to changes in development priorities.

  • Additional Champions: Devs are planning on increasing the number of Champions up to 40.
  • Off-season content: Alleviate dullness during offseason by making available special trainings for players’ growth, acquisition of materials through various activities such as streaming, etc. Devs are in the process of creating training functions that can be unlocked through facility improvements. Through special training, players’ champion mastery may be adjusted to bring about more desirable outcomes.
  • New game+: Because 2v2 and 3v3 settings, in a way, serve as tutorials, users who have experienced 4v4 may feel boredom when they replay the game from the beginning starting from 2v2 or 3v3 settings. For users who crave for a more challenging replay of the game, devs are planning on making 4v4 available from the beginning and adding Ban & Pick time limit, game difficulty, champion configuration options as to allow the game to be played in a way desired by users.
  • Interviews and incidents: To increase immersiveness devs are planning on adding game details such as coach interviews, various events, and incidents within a team, etc.
  • Trade market: Due to the game’s system it may be difficult to implement a complex player trade market that can be seen in other management games such as FM, but devs are thinking of ways to implement a limited trade market within the game, where players can be searched and traded as to increase fun of the game.
  • Improvement of Stats: Planning on making available additional information about individual stats/records, club history, etc.
  • Workshop: As much as devs would love to provide workshop, the game was not developed with mod in mind. Therefore, it is uncertain how much work workshop would require. Although we would like to promise workshop, it is uncertain at this stage. We will do our best to provide workshop, even if it may be a partial one.
  • Convenience Improvement: Devs are planning on improving details such as marking of special effect application, omitting award ceremony, etc.

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