Tank Mechanic Simulator -How to Detect Metal Detectors and Magnetometerthingy

Hi everyone. Today I am gonna mention the newly released Tank Mechanic Simulator is eye-catching. This guide will show “How to Detect Metal Detectors and Magnetometerthingy”. Before the topic, I want to review the new update:

Tank Mechanic Simulator


  • Head bob toggle in settings
  • Mouse sensitivity slider in settings


  • Storage menu can now be scrolled by using the mouse scroll (previously it was possible only when targeting the mouse over a tank part)
  • Key controls are now visible when the player opens this menu when in-game (through the pause menu, previously it was blocked from sight)
  • Screen Space reflection fix (green screen bug with GTX 600 and 700 series)
  • Player won’t fall under the map when exiting the quad while upside down

We’re working hard on fixing the following issues (top priority):

  • tutorial error
  • save erase
  • 84 % loading crash
  • storage menu tank parts disappearing

An update fixing these issues should be coming soon

Thank you and have a good day.

Little Metal Spots on Excavation

Metal Detectors and the Magnetometerthingy can’t detect it. First, do NOT Excavate the tank yet, that prevents digging and thus getting the collectables. Next, get in the general area with the shovel. Then DROP the shovel, afterward hitting the G key to highlight nearby interactable items. Look down on the ground near you, and if close to it, you should see the item highlighted in the ground. Pick the Shovel back up (You can’t highlight items while holding it, thus having to drop it first) then run over till your above the item and start digging and highlighting till you have it and can pick it up.

They don’t seem to always show up. Plus with most tanks, they usually spawn with 2 guns already mounted to be collected anyways. So just keep excavating tanks and you’ll collect more and more over time.

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