Tainted Grail – Boss Guide (Strategies and More)

A unique, infinitely replayable, story-driven hybrid between a deck-building Roguelike and an RPG game. Explore the ever-changing maps, fight with deadly enemies, and learn what happened to the cursed island of Avalon, especially all boss.

This guide helps on bosses (Vran the Sullen, Derenheim Winterbane, Lord of Serpents) and their strategies in Tainted Grail.

Boss Guide

Bosses (By Tier)

Tier 1 Boss

Vran the Sullen

  • Has Renegade Allies (1 protector that redirects damage, 1 healer, 2 cutthroats dps that can do AoE)
  • Special Abilities: Does massive damage when one of his minions die, buffs if any are alive
  • Trait: Leader of the Pack: For every minion of his alive: -10% armor, -25% dmg
  • Killing Vran instantly ends fight
  • All Renegades and Vran can be stunned


As Summoner has limited single-target, targetable damage (Wyrm is random), having the following passives can really help (Haste, any Wyrm buffs). Synergy summon is excellent (-5% max hp, summon Totem + Wyrm for 1 energy), along with Haste proccing their activations. Vran is a very difficult fight without a good number of Wyrm buffs along with Haste. Blinding Burst spell (0*, sacrifice a minion to stun all enemies) is a Godsend. Otherwise, Immobilization, a 2-energy stun spell + getting a meaty Abomination and activating it as many times as possible.

Tier 2 Boss

Derenheim Winterbane

  • At start of combat, summons 2-4 Corrupted Alder Trees
  • Derenheim and Corrupted Alder Trees are all immune to stuns
  • Special Ability: Winterbane’s Knowledge: Derenheim Winterbane is immune to damage until all trees are cut down. When each tree dies, it spawns a Derenheim’s Life Essence, which can be stunned. When all trees are cut down, Derenheim changes to a 1 HP enemy with Barriers. Destroying Derenheim don’t destroy all his Life Essence, so you’ll have to kill everything.


Good Lord, this boss. With a Wyrm strategy in mind, the lack of ability to stun isn’t the worst, as the trees don’t really do anything. Derenheim himself isn’t all that bad until trees start dying, spawning Life Essences which also then can attack. Derenheim himself does a fairly significant amount of hits with large-ish damage. Unlike most mobs that do multiple hits, he seem to be able to hit mutliple minions. But hopefully, by this time, you’ll be at least Level 10, so the wyrms should be able to afflict with Vulnerable. The random attacks of the Wyrm CAN hit Derenheim before all trees are down so. Pray that RNGesus doesn’t cause them to continue hitting him. Abomination can be fairly useful here, especially in combination with some damage runes.

Emissary of the Deep

  • At start of combat, summons 2-4 eggs
  • Eggs are immune to stun, but the Emissary and the Abominations that pop out of eggs once destroyed are not
  • Emissary summons eggs at start, and then starts doing multi-hits


Pop eggs using AoE (a large Abomination is clutch), then once popped, stun at the end of the turn to prevent any AoEs/multi-hits from boss.

Tier 3 Boss

Lord of Serpents

  • Immunity to Stuns
  • Has multiple stages
  • Stage 1: does 2xhits, can summmon enemies (wyrm serpent, on death: Lord of Serpents does 5% more damage)
  • Stage 2: gains 2 turns of Toxic Blood (lose 2% hp, +50% dmg), effect continues till 75% HP
  • Stage 3: gains 2 turns of Nest of Vipers (+25 armor, -30% dmg), effect continues till 50% HP
  • Stage 4: gains 2 turns of Acidic Breath (+50% incoming damage, reflect 1 damage on every hit), effect continues till 25%
  • Stage 5: gains 2 turns of Wyrm’s Rampage (+300% dmg, single attacks only)


Use Warding Lore items (+30 barrier) to prevent first few hits and summon Wyrms, Aboms, whatever. By this point, your Wyrms should be able to rip him apart in a couple of turns. I had to pass multiple turns to actually see what he does.

By [Team Kairos] Aeon

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