Vampires Dawn 3 – Cheat Codes (How to Activate)

This shows cheat codes for Vampires Dawn 3 and how to activate them. Cheat Codes Hello everybody! In short – there are official cheats built in by the developer.But they all have their price! Here is all the information you need: – There is a mountain northeast of Edyril (which is marked with a red circle) – You can ask the vampire at the entrance for help (“We need help!”) – The prerequisite for this is you is above level 20, otherwise, you will be rejected. The following cheat codes are available: FILAR – 30,000 Filar in exchange for 2 MP (humanity points) COMBAT – All unimportant opponents disappear for 50 MP LEVEL – All group members get 5 levels for 10 MP TRANK – 5x healing elixir, 5x blood elixir, 5x large vampire stone for 3 MP MARLEX – Short comment By Kong