Swords And Sandals Spartacus – Chapter Guide – Walkthrough

The latest addition to the Swords and Sandals family is an all-new combat platformer based on the life of the legendary gladiator Spartacus. Take up the sword of the great man and do battle with the might of the Roman Republic.

The Legend of Spartacus: Chapter I

Little is known of Spartacus’ early life. Legend says he was a Thracian mho fought for the Roman army before being enslaved for desertion. He was forced to fight in Capua as a gladiator in 73 BC.


Hold up or down to look for dangers above and below.

Press space to leap and avoid hazards and traps:

Some doors need keys. Find the one that unlocks:

Pressure plates trigger doors and traps:

You had to get Aesculapius potion for healing:

Press space to jump when holding a wall to perform the wall jump.

Each level has’ a scroll of knowledge. Find them all to reveal Spartacus’s legendary story.

Collect 10 embers from torches to enter the godlike Apotheosis state.

You had to upgrade yourself when finished each chapter:

  • Sword Power
  • Shield Strength
  • Max Health
  • Mall Jumps
  • Max Ammo
  • Extra Life

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