Sword Art Online: Lost Song – Best Teamwork Tips in Multiplayer

A guide on the best teamwork tips (useful) in the multiplayer mode of Sword Art Online: Lost Song.

Best Teamwork Tips in Multiplayer


This guide discusses some important things about teamwork.For some basic tips about multiplayer mode, I suggest you read the guide of ylg and NkaBall, which should be helpful to you.

The Most Important Items

Pure Mana Crystal: It gives the team 40% MP.

  • When your team stuns the boss laboriously, without MP, your team can not use any skills and cause the battle to dead silent.
  • When one of your teammates falls, the other is dying, without MP ,you can’t use magic to help them.
  • To sum up, without MP, your team hardly do anything.
  • Therefore, a good team masters how to use it.

Note: Actually, I don’t care when you use it, as long as you do it is excellent.

Dew of Yggdrasil: Put your all fallen teammates back to the battle.

It has advantage that anyone can get it in the item shop.Anyone may fall in battle,and without resurrection magic, it is your best choice to save your teammates.

Sap of Yggdrasil can also do it, but it can not get from the item shop.


Buff/Debuff provides many benefits for a team,I suggest that you use the following buff:

Attack Buff

  • Sharpness: Enhance attack and weapon skill damage.
  • Song of Battle: Enhance attack and weapon skill damage.
  • Enhance Element DMG: Enhance attack and weapon skill damage,I suggest using the boss’s weakness to choose it.

It should be noted that these three buffs can be added at the same time, so your team should use them to maximize the DMG.

Defense Buff

Protection: Enhance all types of defense.

Song of Protection: Enhance all types of defense.

They are also buffs that can be added at the same time.

Magic Enhancement Buff

Magia: Some attackers use level 3 elemental magic,This magic mainly used to enhance the DMG of level 3 elemental magic.


Weakness:It is the most useful debuff. It reduces the defense of the boss and directly gives a large amount of attack gain to a team. A good team must have it.

Blind: This effect is easily overlooked, in fact it can limit many bosses.

I suggest that your team’s Buff should be always active.you only need to consume a little MP to use them.


In this game, the boss can be stunned when you enable union state. The following are two methods:

  1. In union state, press the attack and sprint to launch a small range of slash. You can stun the boss for a short time. Teammates can respond to the switch during this time.
  2. In union state, when you are flying, press acceleration and jump to use high-speed sprint, then press the attack button twice quickly to stun the boss for a long time.

Therefore, you should choose the second method when conditions permitted, which can win more time for your team.

Ideally, a good team will choose to enable the union state by turns to keep the boss in a dizzy.

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