SWORD ART ONLINE Alicization Lycoris – How to Locate Arowafish and Deflect Farming

A guide on how to locate Arowafish and deflect farming in SWORD ART ONLINE Alicization Lycoris.

SWORD ART ONLINE Alicization Lycoris

Lycoris Flower

Lycoris is a species of flower found in the South of Japan which symbolizes passion, sad memories, reunion, and self-reliance. Experience these themes as you dive into the game’s storyline.

Faithful to the Original Work

Kirito has awoken in a mysterious yet somehow familiar virtual world where AIs behave like humans. In this world, Kirito meets a young man named Eugeo. They make a promise where their destinies will soon become entwined. To keep that promise and stay together, they must venture onwards.

Meet your Favorite Characters

Relive the story of Alicization with your favorite characters such as Kirito, Eugeo, Alice, Administrator, and many more.

How to Locate Arowafish

Best place with higher odds is the south end of Cordea Plains just north of the Southern teleport stone, only 4 fish in that area and the Arowafish has a good chance to be caught.

Deflect Farming

It’s to unlock EX stuff, like HR had.

Skills need xx/xx to unlock new stuff.

I Dueled Leafa at the start of chapter 2.

She has 4 sword skills.

  • Sonic Leap- as soon as you hear the FWOOSH when she charges deflect LEFT
  • Vertical- she wont have a prompt for this attack but she’ll have a golden cross on her sword, deflecct LEFT as soon as the cross disappears
  • Horizontal- Deflect LEFT like maybe 2 seconds after the name appears on screenj
  • Savage Fuclrum- Deflect LEFT after the FWOOSH

You need 100 deflects to unlock the TANK skill tree.

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