Supraland Six Inches Under – Big Lava Room Tips

This shows tips for big lava room in Supraland Six Inches Under.

Big Lava Room Tips

After beach, and baron’s secret hideout with the jump pad. Is the lava jumping trick with purple blocks from the “videos” section required? Is there any other way to get past this area?

Do not waste about 40 deaths trying to do this and can’t get more than 3 jumps in, certainly not enough to let magnetic belt attach to the zillion spoons. Given how few timing-sensitive tasks there were prior to this, this section is astoundingly frustrating, like quit-playing-and-never-come-back.

You have to use the green ball thing to get up on a ledge then you use the belt.

The room with the big monster. How to kill it? 

You need to get rid of those padlocks.

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