SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE (July 2020) – Cheats (How to Hack without Trainer)

This guide will help you on how to hack or cheat SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE (July 2020) without trainer.

Cheats (How to Hack without Trainer)

You start out with multiple default .hacks and can unlock more at the map.

(< this is the symbol for a .hack)

The default .hacks are:

  • 3HP.hack
  • +bullets.hack
  • fstmove.hack
  • heal.hack
  • quickshot.hack
  • rndgun.hack
  • strtkatana.hack

3HP.hack gives you an extra (full) heart.

+bullets.hack gives you more bullets. The rifle gains 1.5 clips (3 -> 4.5). The pistol gains two bullets (5 -> 7). The shotgun gains one shot (2 -> 3). The fishgun (nailgun) gains one nail (3 -> 4).

fstmove.hack makes you move faster.

heal.hack heals all your hearts.

quickshot.hack reduces your shot cooldown. The rifle shoots faster per clip, so it’s worse for the rifle (you become less efficient)

rndgun.hack gives you a random gun at the start of a stage or after a HACK-YOUR-MIND in endless.

strtkatana.hack gives you a katana at the start of a stage or after a HACK-YOUR-MIND in endless.

The unlockable .hacks are:

  • grenade.hack
  • explode.hack
  • supthrow.hack
  • piercshot.hack
  • wpnmstr.hack
  • defall.hack
  • ricochet.hack
  • suppunch.hack
  • shotflow.hack
  • berserk.hack
  • killreload.hack
  • dthstomp.hack
  • lightreflx.hack
  • killheal.hack

grenade.hack makes all your throwables expel bullets that can hurt you. No other bullet-improving .hack works with the bullets from the grenade.

This one is pretty nice, all your throwables are basically lethal now.

explode.hack makes you shoot out shurikens when you get hurt. You need to get hurt for this .hack, so it’s not that great.

supthrow.hack makes throwables twice as cool. Breakable throwables need 2 bodyhits instead of 3. Dart-type and shuriken-type throwables return to you after you throw them (up to three times). You do need to catch them though, which can be very difficult (otherwise they’ll pass through you and stick to the wall behind you). Knives and katanas can go through multiple enemies, but katanas only sometimes. I’m pretty sure if you headshot someone with a katana, it goes through, and if you hit a bodyshot you don’t, but don’t quote me on that.

piercshot.hack lets your bullets pierce. Useless with the fishgun, since that already pierces. Decently powerful. Makes your bullets able to kill concrete enemies.

wpnmstr.hack makes your melee weapons attack faster. Not your fists. Surprisingly effective. It’s great with the katana.

defall.hack makes any reflect reflect everything. Every bullet in the stage that has been fired will get reflected.

ricochet.hack makes missing a viable strategy. Every bullet that hits a wall/ceiling/floor will go towards the enemy. This one upgrades your killing power from mediocre to outrageous, if you know how to use it. You have to hit the ground in front of the enemy, since then the enemy cannot dodge. The speed of the nail from the fishgun makes it practically impossible to miss with ricochet.hack. However, ricochet.hack can try to hit the enemy through a wall, which doesn’t work most of the time.

suppunch.hack makes your punches stronger. You need to do 2 bodypunches (or 1 headpunch as CHARGE.core) to kill the enemy. If you punch a dude everyone around them (in a small circle) will get stunned. You can kill concrete-enemies with your punches. You can punch bullets and they will reflect. You can punch every bullet from a rifle clip, but not a shotgun clip.

shotflow.hack makes your headshots able to headshot other people. This one is great with the fishgun due to the speed of the nail, but mediocre with the rest due to the fact that the enemies move faster than the bullets. shotflow.hack, like ricochet.hack, tries to shoot people behind walls though, which isn’t really efficient.

berserk.hack makes you invulnerable after you hit someone with a melee attack (fist or melee weapon). This one is great with CHARGE.core.

killreload.hack removes the weapon cooldown after you kill an enemy. Watch out with the fishgun (nailgun), you’ll probably shoot two nails instead of one. Press the button down very lightly whne using the fishgun (nailgun). Sometimes forces the rifle to shoot multiple bullets, but not that often that it really affects the rifle. It’s great. It removes a lot of the usefulness of quickshot.hack, but if you miss a shot, you can always depend on quickshot.hack.

dthstomp.hack makes your stomping (if you jump on an enemy) lethal. This one seems like a joke. It’s not a great hack.

lightreflx.hack makes bullets near you slow down. Makes you able to dodge nails. Makes you able to reflect all the shotgun pellets with a katana. You do still need to watch out for the bullets. They might be slow, but they still hurt. Do not walk into them.

killheal.hack makes you recieve healing after you kill 5 (for the first time) or 19 (after the first one) enemies. The game keeps track of your kills even before you have killheal.hack. If you have 2 hearts and recieve a heal from this, you’ll have 3 hearts. I’ve never gotten heal.hack to show up after I’ve gotten killheal.hack, so I’m not sure if the maximum actually increases, but you’ll have 3 hearts.

Cheat Locations (How to Locate on Map)

Here are some maps to figure out which direction you want to go, the cursor is at the location where you are at the start of the floor.

1st floor

2nd floor

3rd floor

4th floor

By Alex The Dragon

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