Superhot: Mind Control Delete – How to Skip 8 Hours Ending with Editing Save File

A guide on how to skip the 8 Hour ending without 3rd party programs by changing the save file in Superhot: Mind Control Delete.

How to Skip 8 Hours Ending with Editing Save File

Locate Save File

First you need to find and backup your save file – this should be in the the AppData folder:

  • C:\Users\%username%\AppData\LocalLow\SUPERHOT_Team\SHMCD

You should have a file named:


Copy and past it somewhere safe.

Modify Save File

Now you want to open your save file in notepad,

Yes it looks like a load of junk, but i did the trial and error work already.

CTRL+F and find the following string:


Now the part just before this is what you need to edit, as far as i can tell this controls the timer and always starts with ZB.

So the full line may look like:

  • or

Now you just need to change the V to a H so ZBOOAJVIA would become ZBOOAJHIA etc.

CTRL+S to save the file, and relaunch the game:

You should now be at 100% and able to continue killing the red guys!

by Lan

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