SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE – How to Dodge Bullets (Best Way)

A guide on how to dodge bullets (I think these methods are the best way in-game) in SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE.

How to Dodge Bullets (Best Way)

How to Not Get Hurt

Now that we know what types of weapons are inside the game, you might want to know how to dodge bullets. You can move out of the way of a bullet. You are fast enough, even without fstmove.hack or lightreflx.hack. You cannot move out of the way of a nail unless you have lightreflx.hack. Luckily, the enemy can miss. The enemy always tries to aim to where you’re going. If you move in any direction, they assume you’re going to be moving in that direction at the same speed for an extended period of time. This is in any direction, vertical or horizontal. If you jump, they’re going to try to shoot the ceiling, since you’re moving in that direction. Of course, until they have shot, they will keep trying to aim at your next position.

Bullets and nails can be destroyed in mid-air. If a bullet/nail hits another bullet/nail, they will both be destroyed. If a breakable throwable encounters a bullet, they will both be destroyed. If a breakable throwable encounters a nail, the breakable throwable will be destroyed and the nail will continue going towards your face. If an unbreakable throwable encounters a bullet/nail, the bullet/nail will be destroyed.

You want to make sure your enemy doesn’t have a gun. They can spawn with one, but if they get stunned once, they’ll drop their gun. It’s better to keep everyone unarmed than letting anyone have a gun. You can go around stages, grabbing a throwable, throwing it at the head of an enemy, grabbing their gun, going towards another enemy, throwing the gun at their head, grabbing their gun and keep the cycle going until nobody except you has a gun. After you’ve established the gun-monopoly, you can start punching or throwing things at them. It is, however, advised to shoot them instead of trying to get inside their range.

What if the enemy has a melee weapon? You can throw more stuff at them. As mentioned under “Melee weapons”, they have an animation when they deflect stuff. During this animation, they cannot deflect anything else. Just keep throwing or punch them. One hit is enough. Or just shoot them.

You should never forget that you can punch. It is not advised to go into battle only wanting to punch, but you have to realize that sometimes it is a necessity. If you do not have a throwable or a gun, you have to punch. Every enemy gets stunned by a punch. They only need one punch to get stunned. Concrete enemies can only be punched in their red areas, so aim for that. You might want to grab their weapon after you’ve punched them, but recognize that if your current situation is less than optimal, you might want to focus on dodging first.

Dodging bullets (and destroying bullets) can be hard. Luckily, the enemy doesn’t care about friendly-fire. You can stun an enemy with a punch, grab their weapon, and use them as an impromptu shield. Their dead bodies can also be used as a temporary shield, usually until they fall to the floor and decompose on the spot. This works best with a concrete-enemy since they get stunned from bullets instead of dying. You do not take any contact damage. The only damage you can take from “contact” is if they try to punch you. Be warned: the punch hitbox is bigger than their fist.

By Alex The Dragon

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