Super Robot Wars 30 – How to Fix Launch Game (Black Screen)

A guide on how to fix game will not launch (black screen) in Super Robot Wars 30.

How to Fix Launch Game (Black Screen)

Try to launch the game and get a brief white window, which goes away shortly after, and then nothing? Here is the solution.

Setting the system keyboard to “English (United Kingdom)” does allow the game to boot, where setting it to “English (United States)” will continue to cause the white screen and crash.

To set this, go to:

  • Settings -> Language -> Add a Language -> English (United Kingdom)

Allow it to download. You may need to log out and log back in. After this, in the bottom right of your screen, next to the time, it should say “ENG”. If you click this, you will have multiple language options that you can switch between. The game will start if it is set to “English (United Kingdom)” but not “English (United States)”

by Thomas M Hughes

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