Super Robot Wars 30 – How to Edit Display Monitor Setting

A guide on how to change (edit) your display (resolution) monitor settings for Super Robot Wars 30.

How to Edit Display Monitor Setting

The configuration file is located at: you can find .ini config file in this location.

% LocalAppData% \ SRW30 \ GameOptions.ini

(if Windows 10 is installed on the C: \ drive and the username is “Player1” C: \ Users \ Player1 \ AppData \ Local \ SRW30 \ GameOptions.ini) if you install windows 10 in C drive and your user name is “Player1” then path is “C: \ Users \ Player1 \ AppData \ Local \ SRW30 \ Open the GameOptions.ini ” file and modify the [DISPLAY] item. There are three items to fix you have to find [DISPLAY] row.

outputChange monitor identification number to change the monitor identification number behind
displayW / displayHThis puts the resolution of the monitor (write the spec of the monitor, not the size you want to move) set width / height for your monitor specification

Then save and restart save & re-run.

How to confirm your monitor identification

The identification number of the monitor you want to move can be confirmed with the identification button from “Display settings” of Windows
click identify button in advanced display settings (windows 10) However, it is not 100% reliable because it shifts a little (I say 3) No. 4 was the opposite) sometimes it’s not correct number. Do trial and error.

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