Super Animal Royale – How to Locate and Unlock Dr. Dogna’s Secret Lab

A guide on how to locate and unlock Dr. Dogna’s secret lab in Super Animal Royale.

How to Locate and Unlock Dr. Dogna’s Secret Lab

It unlocks Lab Coat.

Location: C-3 & C-4.

Talk to Dogna in the pre-game lobby below the fountain (keep talking to her until there’s no more dialogue left), then travel to the pyramid during the match and locate the three buttons inside. Press all three to open a secret lab on the top right side of the pyramid, then talk to Dogna inside to unlock this milestone.

First button near the bottom entrance of the pyramid. A secret hallway opens up to the left.

Second button inside the secret hallway at the top. Walk up and press it.

Center top side of the pyramid. Press E on the sarcophagus then walk to your right where the lab is, then talk to Dogna.

by Collie

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