Suite 776 – Collectibles and Endings – Achievements

Gold Hunter

Locate all 3 gold bars. The first gold bar can be found on the bookshelf located in the bedroom on the second floor.

The second bar can be found lying in a corner of the basement.

The third and final one is to found in one of the drawers of the cabinet located in the main hall of the first floor. Note that the said drawer only unlocks after taking at least ten photos of Marcy.

So what’s inside? This was in A Girls Fabric Face! Open the secret red box. After collecting all the gold bars, insert them into the respective slots of the red box found in the side room of the office on the first floor and get the pully handle within.

So what’s inside? This was in A Girls Fabric Face! Open the secret red box.Use the pully handle (that you get from the red box) on the locked door in the basement. A hint is hung on the wall for the four-digit code that is required to unlock the safe within. If you can not figure it out, the code is. The sixth photo which is required for the third ending can be found in this safe.

Dream Catcher

Locate all 6 of Marcy’s fond memories.

In order of appearance, locations of the photos are as follows:

1) The first floor, on the kitchen counter.
2) The second floor, on the handrail.

3) The second floor, on the table in the room with the camera system.
4) The first floor, hung on the neck of the mannequin that appears in the kitchen.

5) Basement, on the floor next to a mannequin.
6) Basement, in the code-locked safe.Endings


You probably didn’t even enjoy the experience? Complete Suite 776 in 2 minutes or less. After ringing the bell for the first time, simply return to and ride the elevator you come in for the first (neutral) ending. Do it fast enough to get the achievement for completing the game under two minutes.

Achieve Ending 2

To get the second (bad) ending, complete the game without collecting all the photos.

Achieve Ending 3

Third (good) ending requires you to collect all the photos and place them on the board which can be found in the kitchen on the first floor. After that, remove the planks covering one of the doors on the second floor hallway, read the note hung on one of the walls of the room behind and return to the kitchen to find Marcy waiting for you.

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