Suite 776 – Achievement Guide – The Easter Egg

To access the easter egg which is mentioned at the stats screen that comes up after a successful run, follow these steps.

  • Get the four-digit code from the mini-fridge located on the second floor.
  • Using that code, grab the bolt cutter from the fridge found in the kitchen on the first floor.
  • Before leaving the kitchen, pin all six photos on the board.
  • Reacquire the ladder from where you placed it before in the main hall of the first floor.
  • Place the ladder in the room found behind the planks on the second floor.
  • Get on the ladder and grab the pink key from the top of the counterweight.
  • Find the door on the second floor with the warning ‘do not enter’ painted on.
  • Use both the bolt cutter and the pink key on the mentioned door to access what lies beyond.

By erc

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