Suite 776 – Achievement Guide – Marcy Encounters

You have seven encounters with Marcy throughout the game, with a possibility of taking eighteen photos in total. At least ten photos are required for the best ending (i.e. the third one). Note that you do not need to be in night vision mode for shots in the dark, as long as you are pointing the camera in the right direction. Be sure to take multiple shots in each of the encounters listed below.

1) Appears briefly in the doorway to the kitchen after you ring the bell for the fifth time. (2 shots)
2) Appears briefly to the left of the first floor hall after the spawning of the mannequins. (2 shots)

3) Can be tracked by using the camera system found on the second floor. (6 shots)
4) Jumps on you after you check the bathtub on the second floor. (2 shots)

5) Can be seen between the planks roaming the basement. (2 shots)
6) Appears briefly in a corner after you turn on the searchlight in the basement. (2 shots)
7) Quickly crosses from left to right as you leave the basement. (2 shots)

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