Subverse – How to Use Stuff (Combat Guide)

A guide on how to use stuff (combat guide) in Subverse.

How to Use Stuff (Combat Guide)

Here you will hopefully learn some easy tips to complete your shoot-em-ups.

Stuff to Use

  • Primary Fire – Use this constantly. Seriously, never stop shooting, there is no point.
  • Secondary Fire – Use this on the big ships.
  1. Default secondary is a missile that you are going to use exactly 3 times throughout the current game content. Don’t really bother learning it too much.
  2. Lily gives your ship a laser that can be shot 3 times at max energy. It pierces all ships and also pierces asteroids. It has significant range, but its damage is low compared to Killi’s. It will still instantly destroy all fighter-sized ships.
  3. Killi gives you a shotgun blast that can be used twice at max energy. It does high damage, but has limited range. I would personally recommend this as your main choice of secondary as it can destroy most of the big ships in 2-3 blasts (plus a sprinkling of primary fire, which again, should always be firing). The shotgun blast is also good for clearing a cluster of small fighters as it will destroy them instantly.
  • Asteroids
  1. Asteroids block all AI (and most player) fired projectiles, this includes the AI’s laser attacks. Use these as cover when your shields are low (note that there is 1 ship boss that can electrify asteroids, so just be aware of that, the effect is rather obvious).
  2. Flying into an asteroid will do a bit of damage to your shield, but typically less than taking a bullet to the face.

Stuff You Don’t Really Need to Use

  • Charge/Dash attack
  1. Not really that useful. Instantly destroys small ships, but just smacks your face against big ones. It is almost always more efficient to just use your energy on your secondary fire. It can be situationally used as a quick escape or dodge. Note that you will still take the explosion damage from dashing through the ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ (penis) fighters.
  • Cruise mode (shift)
  1. Never really needed, normal strafe speed and shooting is enough to dodge all the bullets. I guess you could use it to escape ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ (penis) kamikazes.
  2. Use it to get to the next big ship spawn if you are impatient.

By Dawnminatrix

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